You should thank me if you were daft enough to watch & enter

My mom loves the Paul O'Grady Show. I can't stand it but overheard the competition voiceover as I was on tinterweb.

"Which of these is a pedestrian crossing in the UK? A) Zebra, B) Tiger, or C) Fox" (I can't remember the last one, actually).

Well, I felt it was my duty as a pedant to email make my concerns known, despite not being able to care less.

Today’s competition had two correct answers- both Zebra and Tiger crossings are used in the UK. If anyone gave their answer as tiger crossing, will they be given a refund? In the light of the recent TV telephone competition controversy, isn’t this a little irresponsible?

Snappy's Real Name.

Dear Snappy's Real Name,

Many thanks for your e-mail regarding the question in today's competition. We very much appreciate you bringing it to our attention that today's question possibly had two correct answers.

We have discussed the situation at length with Channel 4 and are in full agreement that any callers who chose the option 'Tiger Crossing' will be equally eligible for today's prize.

Once again, thank you for highlighting this issue and rest assured that it is being resolved.

If you would like to discuss this any further with me I can be contacted on ********.

Best wishes,
Jude Wood
Series Producer/ The New Paul O'Grady Show

Do you really think this was discussed 'at length' (or at all?)? I doubt anyone actually gave an answer of anything other than Zebra Crossing. But this is probably up there with my email that Vernon Kay read out on telly once.

If you answered B) Tiger Crossing, you owe me! :roll:
Re: You should thank me if you were daft enough to watch & e

You're all just jealous your voices weren't heard! :wink:


Re: You should thank me if you were daft enough to watch & e

It is about to kick off as we speak.....anyway my tea is ready :p
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