You`re Banned

I wonder how long we would last on this forum

Click Here

- No avatars depicting humans (with or without clothes on)
- No disrespecting Allah
- No cut and paste over 100 words
- Only 3 threads a day

I would give myself 10 minutes



War Hero
That's a joke forum surely? Have you looked around it? the Current Affairs Forum is closed because there has been some debate about what constitutes a current affair! and everyone has been banned!
No Brazzy it’s no joke, more like bleedin Scary!!

Sgt P …as your links were not submitted for content approval as per rule 5

You are banned

And the same goes for you McHammock.

On yer bike..... :shock:



War Hero
Well it looks like a lot of people are banned to me, what the hell do you think you are doing posting your comments on a forum.........your banned.

This could make a great beer advert though :grin:
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