You make me feel like dancing

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by Lynx101, May 24, 2008.

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  1. i tell you - theres one damned good looking chap on there
  2. Lol, the guy coming out of the air intake on the harrier cracked me up!!

    (apologies to the WAFU's of it wasn't a harrier!!)
  3. that was our CO - Commander Rae - a jolly nice chap
  4. He would be the ideal chappie /investigating a bird/strike /shag :angel11:
  5. Shag Shacker you weren't straining to be on that video were you
  6. dont know what you mean
  7. Com on Petal don't be shy :colors: , I am surprised that the video wasn't on the shortlist for Cannes this year :thumright: .
  8. Great Vid. :thumright:
    Makes me feel old though, in my day you were lucky if you got on Pathe' News, to be shown 3 months after the event.
  9. Ohh that po on the bikes a nice chappy ;) hahah love it!
  10. any chance of hands to flying stations/fixed wing on the Lusty/shag? :thumright: i see no wafus? :salut:
  11. for the last time we only do ships when a decent tv crew is there - bbc, cnn or al jizzera

    channel 5 - hurumph hotels for me
  12. does anyone know where I can get a copy of this vide or put me in contact with the maker, I think its so hilarious and its not on youtube anymore!
    Thanks guys
  13. I made the video. PM me and I'll take your details
  14. Can it be put on YouTube again or is there still a copyright problem?

    I'm wondering what I've missed ...........
  15. I think it got taken off because someone complained that it contravened Opsec/Persec. Load of Bollox.
  16. May I PM you too, with my details? Happy to make a donation to charity for a glimpse of the video.
  17. Jumper Tuckers!! God I miss it!! See 800 scum didn't make a effort?

    Wonder what song 800 could do?

    "Heaven knows I'm miserable Now" By the Smiths
  18. I missed it as well - what was the music in the background that made it copyright??

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