You make me feel like dancing

shag_shacker said:
Cpt_Black said:
Lol, the guy coming out of the air intake on the harrier cracked me up!!

(apologies to the WAFU's of it wasn't a harrier!!)
that was our CO - Commander Rae - a jolly nice chap
He would be the ideal chappie /investigating a bird/strike /shag :angel11:
Great Vid. :thumright:
Makes me feel old though, in my day you were lucky if you got on Pathe' News, to be shown 3 months after the event.
scouse said:
shag_shacker said:
i tell you - theres one damned good looking chap on there
any chance of hands to flying stations/fixed wing on the Lusty/shag? :thumright: i see no wafus? :salut:
for the last time we only do ships when a decent tv crew is there - bbc, cnn or al jizzera

channel 5 - hurumph hotels for me


Lantern Swinger
does anyone know where I can get a copy of this vide or put me in contact with the maker, I think its so hilarious and its not on youtube anymore!
Thanks guys

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