You love em and look what thanks you get

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by angry_mac, Jun 28, 2007.

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  1. There are actually people dying on the planet for lack of food and water.

    And this tawt tells her parents they have ruined her life!!!! Must go a long way to beat this spoilt brat!!! Not forgetting the pathetic parents of course. A good slapping would go down well I am a thinking!!

    Can we fast forward ten years see where spoilt brat ends up!!!
  2. She will have shagged her way into marriage to a Millionaire,divorced with 2 kids and $17 million,a house in Florida,a drugs habit and still a fucking attitude! :threaten:
  3. Wonder how badly her parents fkd up to end up with a pretentious, ungrateful and self absorbed little cow.
  4. and a brand new Lexus to piss her mom off.
  5. Pressure of fat-cat society....probably been ingrained in the squit since nursery....designer tu-tu becomes designer roller-blades becomes designer car.....becomes unsurvivable to lose credibility....pity no-one told the 15 year old she hadn't earned the right to respect in any arena yet, anyway....

    Strange....mother is aware enough to apologise for daughters behaviour but not train her kid properly?
  6. Christ my mother would have torn the arrse off me.

    Launch the b*tch off the end of a Size 9 , straight to the Peace Corps.

    6 months in a sub-saharan sh*thole doing something worthwhile will cure that.

    And get rid of her "Puppy fat"
  7. What a spoilt B*itch.
    Imagine being given a decent car, for free, and moaning about it.
    Mother does deserve a lot of blame, daughter should have been scrubbing heads and ironing kit instead.
    Too much too young, you only appreciate what is in excess of what you percieve as normal. If you live like a princess............. live is only downhill.
    You hear so many stories, 'we were so poor, now I'm a millionaire', but few ' we were rich, but pissed it all away'. Thats because people who have got lucky etc appreciate it. Rich kids spend their life complaining, about how it could be better. Prince Charles finished his education at Gordonstoun, a private boarding school in the north east of Scotland. Its often reported that the Prince despised his time at the school, where he was a frequent target for bullies. ("Colditz in kilts" he reportedly said.) Hardly Paris Hilton treatment.
  8. Spoilt fxxxxxxxxxg bitch , couldn't make it up could you , imagine being married to that ,
  9. I've got 5 daughters - could never attempt to spend anything like a Lexus for the lot of them from 1967 to 1974 on Pussers pay - and none of them ever complained, at the time or since: it's the American dream. gone tits up. If she was mine. if the wife didn't batter her. I WOULD ! Ungrateful little shit ! Which makes me ask - what did she want ? a round the world cruise for half of California, or more likely, half the national product of Colombia for the party ?
  10. I tell thee I would love to be married to that spoilt brat what a challenge making her clean the house for my return and scran on the table.

    No Lexus just a push bike with a rusty chain and no lights!!

    And a night out supping Newquay Brown.
  11. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    I take it if someone jizzes on her hair she wont be a happy teddy bear.
  12. Pmsl WB, summed it up in a nutshell

    I bet numbnuts mummy went crawling back with the keys to a bigger shinier car for their 'princess'
    A Lada is too good for the ungrateful spoilt bitch
  13. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    I thought that She wanted the car, her bitch was that it was delivered at the wrong time.
  14. My American daughter is coming over to see me soon, haven't seen her for 16 years now.(long story). She's arriving on her 21st birthday. Hope to fcuk she's not like that! If not, I'll have to return the Lexus that's sitting on my drive!!
    I think not!!......... :pukel:
  15. If she is, just send her my way.. I'll give her a good smacking ;)

  16. cheeky don't even know how to say it right!! :evil4: :laughing8:

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