You just cannot trust your wife

Discussion in 'Nearest & Dearest' started by trelawney126, Aug 30, 2012.

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  1. Reading the article it seems that contract was dodgy, it doesn't mention cooking or dhobeying anywhere!!
  2. Do you mean as well as... or during?
  3. Either, seems she was a loafing twat to me!
  4. Extract from article
    It also stipulated that if, during their sadomasochistic sex sessions, the
    husband went too far, the woman could call a halt by using two agreed signals –
    either saying the "safe word" Mario or banging her hand three times against the
    nearest surface.

    May be they were performing some form of martial art, as banging hand against flat surface is " I submit/surrender" in Judo anyway.
  5. She had a clause in there for no "coprophilia", had to look that one up, its someone who derives sexual pleasure from turds! she seems a bit fussy to me.
  6. Obviously she wanted all the pleasure but non of the S**T, typical tease submit before the cum shot.
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  7. Got to wonder what he got out of it ... no cooking or dhobying ... bet she wasn't part of the cleaning party either!
    Rescrub after Skippers rounds on Saturday morning ... 30 lashes!
  8. I think the 30 lashes bit was his angle?

  9. Fuckin hell she could have asked Wrecks to bring some back he's been over to France.
    He bought me some last year, it's put me right off French cheese and its a stupid colour for it anyway.o_O

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