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Discussion in 'History' started by dustyjack, Aug 22, 2007.

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  1. Im lucky enough to have found a copy, picked it up in a bookshop in the Barbican (GUZZ) for a pound. Its a great read.
  2. I too have a copy, and no, ancient as I am, I did not pick it up first hand or have it issued. It was in the effects of a deceased resident in the psychiatric hospital in which I used to work, and one of the porters, knowing my interest in things Naval, saved it for me.
    Agree with both Blood and Dustyjack that it is well worth a read, particularly phrases like "submerged by the wave of foolish disarmament that struck this country some three or four years after the last war."
    Pity some of our politicians haven't got a copy!

  3. Also worth a read is "VERY ORDINARY SEAMAN" by JPW MALLALIEU.So very true to life
  4. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    Brilliant, absolutely brilliant. Mallalieu is the real thing too,

    Also, if you run across 'All the World's Fighting Fleets' by Cdr EC Talbot-Booth RD RNR (Sampson Low, late 30s - mine is the 6th edition ca.1943) - BUY IT. Bought mine when I was 8 as I knew I was going to join the Navy & thought I'd better bone up on it.
  5. a book for the submariners herewith try " send down a dove " author unkown but should be able to google it.
    oh lord above send down a dove with wings as sharp as razors to cut the throats of them there blokes who sell bad beer to sailors.
  6. As Babystew says Send Down a Dove is the best and only decent submarine fiction ever written. The "Das Boot" of books. Details.

    SEND DOWN A DOVE. (ISBN: 0006143318)
    Charles. Machardy

    Book Description: Fontana, 1973. Bookseller Inventory # M-00963

    Sailor's Prayer
    by Tom Lewis

    This dirty town has been my home since last time I was sailing
    But I'll not stay another day, I'd sooner be out whaling

    Oh Lord above, send down a dove,
    With beak as sharp as razors
    To cut the throat of them there blokes
    Who sells bad beer to sailors

    Paid off me score and them ashore, me money soon was flying
    With Judy Lee upon my knee in my ear a lying

    With my newfound friends, my money spent just as fast as winking
    But when I make to clean the slate, the landlord says, "Keep Drinking"

    With me money gone and clothes in pawn and Judy set for leaving
    Six months of pay gone in three days, but Judy isn't grieving
    When the crimp comes round, I'll take his pound
    and his hand I'll be shaking
    Tomorrow morn sail for the Horn just as dawn is breaking

    So for one last trip from port I'll ship but next time back I'm swearing
    I'll settle down in my hometown and go no more seafaring

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