You couldn't make this up could you....

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by fly_past, Oct 18, 2007.

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  1. Just a pure joke if you ask me
  2. Yeah, read that this morning and am thinking about asking for the free vouchers as I take "drugs".......they're for my high blood pressure and keep me alive!!!!...(do I qualify as a druggie??)..

    FFS!!!!!!! :threaten: :threaten:
  3. They are already being rewarded with their life, and though it is nice to have some sort of reward for being 'a good boy', they should maybe get gold and silver stars like the kids in school.

    This practically ties in with the post just started by Blobby and this sentence in particular:

    These also seem to think it is their right to be treated for having no brain and for something they started themselves. I would send the lot of them out to bear their own cross and live with what they chose as a way of life and kicks. They wouldn't listen and their not listening still, 'they know best' and wont listen to advice, so as blobby says "fcuk them all".
  4. Started reading the comments but gave up in disgust. Soon as my kids are independent and no more school fees etc. I'm off. Place has gone down the drain and will not start to recover until electorate wakes up and realises that socialists are not capable of running a country. Keeping them at local level messing up community services is bad enough; stop over-promoting them!
  5. The BBC comments, by the way!
  6. Drug offences in England and Wales up 14% in the second quarter of this year. Will be rewarding burglars next for not shi**ing on your floor when they pan in your windows and nick your TV, then get caught by the police who are scared to nick them in case it's contravined their human right to freedom. "Here you are mr burgler, have some vouchers for Tescos, go and buy yourself some cider then set about some poor bloke going home from the pub because you thought he looked at you funny" Drugs are a sign of weakness, Darwins theory should prevail, sooner or later they will all end up in a heap through choice and lack of moral fiber. Best to just bring in euthanasia for no hopers and stop wasting tax payers money on these losers. It might reduce the huge ammount of money paid out to benefit cheats, one of whom I saw in the pub last night running out into the street carrying his crutches, had a tab then came back in like he'd just been run over. Agree with all comments above. Wake up GB (Great Britian and or Gordon Broon).
  7. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    But not all drug offences are committed by drug users; these offences also cover smugglers/traffickers, etc., most of whom are not users.
  8. What was even more interesting was the interview John Humphrys did with Dawn Primarolo (the Minister responsible) on the Today programme this morning.
    The Minister kept on defending this treatment regime saying it was doing a wonderful job reforming huge numbers of addicts. Humphrys then called in the reporter who uncovered this farce who had also uncovered some interesting statistics.
    11% of the people who sign up for this never actually turn up for ANY treatment - but they go onto Govt figures as undergoing treatment.
    Even worse, over 70% (of those who do turn up) don't finish the treatment and only 6% are actually weaned off drugs.

    But don't worry chaps - it's your taxes paying for this pantomime and the Minister says they are doing a grand job !!
  9. Ditto , Fxxxxxxxxxxg Country gone mad , It's the pits , :pukel: :tp: :toilet:

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