You cant crack me I'm a rubber duck!

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by rod-gearing, May 19, 2008.

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  1. My beloved wife requested me this morning to tidy my wardrobe and cupboards out.
    She is under the impression that they are lacking in the tidiness department and I have too many clothes so some can go to charity(Lovely girl).

    So as ordered I started on the task and sorted out everything.

    She now accuses me of being 'funny' due to the fact that I folded everything into ships book size and neatly stacked them on the shelves.

    I then informed her to do the same otherwise she will get a kit muster (?) and also to keep them like that in future.

    My salads in the oven!

    As I said to her, 'You cant crack me I'm a rubber duck'

    Anybody else had a similar experience,please share so that I am not alone. :argue:
  2. :lol:

    Haven't heard that expression in a donkeys - that and "Can't crack me - I'm a chocolate frog"

    Anyone remember the expression 'Tweakey / Tweakers' - as in 'pass the tweakers' - odd thing was, we all seemed to know what the tweaker was ?!

  3. Been there, seen it, done it, and survived ---sort of.

    Funny old thing though, she has cupboards and a wardrobe full of nothing to wear!
  4. Jeez whitemouse, tweekers was going the rounds when I joined Blackwood in Jan '64. Gave me the shits for two days cos I couldn't understand what they were getting at. Cheers mate for bringing back old memories. :eek:ccasion5:
  5. [Been there, seen it, done it, and survived ---sort of.

    Funny old thing though, she has cupboards and a wardrobe full of nothing to wear![/quote]

    Typical of every woman isn't it!!
  6. Typical of every woman isn't it!!

    My wife is the Imelda Marcos of the trouser world.

    As I say to her she only has one pair of legs and can only wear one pair of trousers at a time.

    Doesnt seem to get my meaning somehow.

    She will change her outfit 3 times before juist going out to the post box (You never know who might see me!)

    She cant understand why I just prefer running rig all the time (Jeans,t shirt and thousand milers)
  7. then I took a photo of "her" wardrobe with the doors open and showed every one whenever the subject was brought up, - it was worse than versuvius erupting ...... slept in the spare room that night.
  8. How much do you charge? I've got too much clothing and too little stowage space.

    PM me your daily rate! :razz:

    Thingy the Untidy
  9. Daily rate is 2 tins of coffee, 50 Blue Liners and a tin of cleaning paste.

    Ive even started a scran bag system to make the kids more tidier! :thumright:
  10. So, do the journalists at the Sun not know that there is a world outside Europe, or that the readers are unlikely to know - we don't want to scare them!!

    The article is amusing though, if only because it is very true. I have just emptied mine because I'm moving today and it was the last place to be touched!It included mobile phones, take away menus, important paperwork that I don't want to file etc...
  11. Guilty as charged,sadly I have 2 man drawers.
    One in the kitchen and one in the bedroom for the over spill.
  12. Don't have one !!

    But I do have a rather large, and getting larger by the day, pile alongside my end of the sofa :thumright:

    Pees the OH off no end :) - she now has her blister giving me stick about my corner (or study as I choose to call it.... :lol: )
  13. What's the biggest Man Drawer I can buy? Or can I have dozens? :lol:
  14. Try IKEA,they have huge ones.
  15. rod-gearing - don't you mean Seamanship Manual size? Ship's Book in old fashion money was the Pay Ledger.
  16. Thats the one,Im a Greenie so all books are the same to
  17. Didn't get a Seamanship manual (being a dusty) at the Gspot, what we had were hardboard shapes of the spine size inserted into each item of clothing on display (name in red silk chain stitch, or wooden type printed of course !) in the locker. Took b****y ages to cut to the size, as approved by the JI !!

  18. My old man cut up a load of hardboard ones to size for me and most of the mess.
    We didnt have to use red stitching but I still have my name type.
    Invested in extra kit to keep my locker tiddley and kept everyday wear in my suitcase.

    Wish I'd still got my Ditty Box instead of a man draw!
  19. There you are Whitemouse, your JI had your best interests at heart ;)

    .....or his :lol:

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