You can take a sailor away from the Navy, but you can't take the Navy out of a sailor

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by SimpleReservist, Jun 6, 2014.

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  2. Excellent. RR should sponsor this Gent,and make sure the 'care home' doesn't visit any repercussions on him for showing them up for the total twunts they are.Well done Sir. :salute:
  3. Can't see an ex crab doing this? Not without a central booking agency reference number!

    Well done shippers.
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  4. "Staff had in fact tried to get Mr Jordan on to an accredited tour with the Royal British Legion, he added, but it had not been possible because of the last-minute nature of the request.

    Mr Curtis said: "Mr Jordan was reported missing to the police yesterday evening as a matter of caution because he did not return from his normal trip to town."

    "He said: "Mr Jordan has full capacity, which means that he can come and go from the home as he pleases, which he does on most days.

    "At no stage was he banned from going to the commemorations."
  5. That did make me smile, once a sailor always a sailor :)
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  6. Soon to be made into a movie called "The Great Geriatric Escape"
    Magic you can't keep a good man down
  7. And look at the friends he's surrounded by. Ah, sailors.
  8. AG
    we have got to keep you employed, after all fella!
  9. Hope my limited IT skills allow me to upload the latest photo of this remarkable young man!

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  10. BZ That man!
  11. One of the WO's where I work found the address of his care home, he's 90 next week (I believe) so we've sent him a birthday card which everyone has signed with suitable comments!. We even pinned a pair of dolphins on to the card :)
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