You can swim, but you have to wear Muslim dress

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by slim, Dec 9, 2006.

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  1. A pool opened only for a minority? It's the end of civilisation as we know it. I think the rot started when Pools started having Mother and Toddler only , or Women only sessions.

    It's PC gone maaaaaaad. Baaaaaah.

    BZ the Daily Hate for fearlessly and trimumphantly exposing this non-story.

    There must be some ******* news out there surely.
  2. world turned upside down.
    what happened to integration, join our team or **** off ! :evil:
  3. I see no reason why the Muslim community can't have the pool to themselves providing that they hire the complete pool at the current rate, and are not using it at a prime time (Weekends are often the ony time that working people are able to swim).
    It is common to see Muslims swimming in th sea in Pattaya Thailand. However they are not segregated. it is amusing to see the women entering the water fully dressed in the black kit complete at times with veil.
  4. I'd have thought wearing all that clobber they would have drowned rather than swim!!!!
  5. They'd have no bother doing the Swimming Test anyway!

    I don't really understand why everyone has to conform though. If I emigrated to Country X I would accept the way of life there, and live within its laws and customs. I would not attempt to set up a little England in my suburb.

    I suppose this is different though because said people are British citizens, and possibly second or third generation at that.

    Maybe we should look on it as a good thing that they are proud of their religion and won't tolerate any deviation from what they believe. Christians (in the widest sense of the word) don't mind people taking the mick, lampooning images of Jesus, etc - maybe we should be taking a leaf out of the Islamic book...?
  6. Up here in the frozen north (well it was frozen before global warming) swimming was segregated when I was young. I was fortunate in that my local pool had a ladies and mens pools so there was no restriction on when I went swimming, but many other pools had separate sessions for male and female swimming with a couple of evenings of 'mixed bathing so that families could swim together.

    Also various minority organisations do hire the pools for their own sessions.
  7. Many pools had and some still have segregated sessions. The pool in Wokingham has sessions for Mother & babies, Senior citizens, and Ladies.
    However these sessions are not at peak times so cause few problems. Minority groups ca hire the pool, a couple of years ago some naturist group did so. They were told that they had to have a pool supplied lifeguard, which was not a problem to them. Said lifeguard wore swimming costume.
    So if you want to practise your fully clothed swimming, no problem hire the pool .

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