You and your JPA claims..!

What is the biggest expense claim you've submitted via JPA so far?

The biggest I've heard of is about £800 but I'm sure that is a drop in the ocean compared to some... as for mine, only £260. o_O

Don't forget to keep your receipts mind!

Over to you...


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An advance claim for £3650 for accomodation, will be putting the final claim in next week. Last big one was £900.

Got to say, bless our UPO and bless JPA - all paid quickly and without fuss.

Why the question? I work with a group in MoD who are always overseas - a mix of light blue, dark blue and green, they've been on the "road" since Feb, their claims way outstrip mine. (and before anyone asks - yes I think the job they do is worth it)
Not entirely topical, I had an advance last year in September to be used after JPA had kicked in - that caused some fun.
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