You ain't nuttin but an Hound dog

Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by Rumrat, Mar 3, 2013.

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  1. Moving threads before they end,
    I'm seadog and I'm not your fuckin friend,
    Your posts will not be with me anymore,
    I'll take your words and make them fly
    Like stars they fall and make you cry,
    Seadog dosn't want them anymore.
    It's over.
    It breaks your heart in two,
    To know what I can do
    When I turn around to you,
    say what you must do,
    Write something knew or else,
    it's through
    I'll move it, I'll move it,
    You won't be in my CA anymore.

    All the crap I've had to read,
    Makes me weap its such a feed,
    You wont be in my forum anymore,
    Fuckin posts I'll make them fall,
    It makes me hard and thats not all,
    Cus you'll be in the gash barge after all
    It's over,
    It's over,
    It's over.

    I told Rumdownmythroat I might be gay,
    I hoped that he might run away,
    But he sticks by me closer after all,
    Golden rivets spring to mind,
    I hope he will be gentle and be kind,
    I cant take massive sailors in the rear,
    I used to be the best in class,
    Now I've a small retentive ass,
    But I can make the post go as I like,
    Get over,
    Get over,
    Get over get over get over,
    I must try to get me, over me.

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