Yorkshire Post: "Navy Under Attack From Vested Interests"


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Re: Yorkshire Post: "Navy Under Attack From Vested Interests

Another brilliant article by Eric Groves. Doesn't exactly hold back does he?
Re: Yorkshire Post: "Navy Under Attack From Vested Interests

Not wishing to pi** on anyones chips but Prof Groves isn't imune from donning his MK2 blinkers.

when he writes of the Tornado;

In reality, the latter is at best obsolescent, if not obsolete. Its pilots are embarrassed to show it to visitors when compared with aircraft like the Typhoon
It seems likely that he doesn't know his F3 from his GR4. If you want to take a wide variety of weapons, in quantity, a long distance to slot people and break their stuff, you use a Tornado.

Does he mention that the Air Force would not/could not have stopped all Harrier assets passing to the Navy? He would also have had to mention that the total cost would have moved with it with no increase to the Naval Budget.

It's interesting that he has not been quoted on any thoughts he may have on the total loss of LRMP. Arguably, the loss of the Nimrod force is as great to the Navy as it will be to the Air force.


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I think it's fair to say that all of the articles in the world, good or bad, aren't going to change this situation for the better.

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