Yorkshire - home of Britain's hardest dogs.


War Hero
That bloke with the old Sheff U top on. Christ! He makes Paul Calf look like a fashion statement.

I think he's actually a Snort Beast in disguise.

BTW, Yorkshire Terriers aren't technically a dog. I think they're actually some species of rat. Ask Darwin.


I nearly married a Yorkshire lass once, thank god she saw the light and left me for a Turk in Istanbul.Woof !!Woof!! Johnny Turk.


When 'ee wurr a laad - me dog Rusty buggered off from Withernsea
in N Humberside an' warked all t'way t' Hornsea were 'ee got
hizzen shot - so bein' a reet 'ard-nakker, 'ee warked back
'ome - 'an 3 days later - 'ee warked in t'veranda, sat down
and kicked t'bucket. We buried 'im wi' full military honours
unda t'ferret run in t'back garden !!
andym said:
slim said:
andym said:
They should have prosecuted the owner!!!Who in their right mind lets a dog walk along a sheer cliff with no lead?????

A Yorkshireman?

Hes probably a Southerner that moved up to the Country!

Come Come Andyman, Southeners have more sense than to move to Yorkshire, Durham or the Lakes at a push but Yorkshire "Yer aving a larff ain't yer"

Now here is yer 'ARD YORKY DOG'


Nutty he.he.he.he.

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