Yorkshire - home of Britain's hardest dogs.


Lantern Swinger
Everybody knows yorkshire is best at everything.

Thats a fact based statement. Of course our dogs are the hardest. Our monty was nails.


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Yorkshire dogs can't be very hard, my mom had a Yorkshire terrier and it was sh!t scared of pit bulls.
It started barking at a Geman Shepherd once and I worried that it could have killed the Shepherd , would have been terrible if the Yorkie had stuck in its throat and chocked him
Hang fire!!

That there dog is a Staff so that makes Staffordshire dogs hardest!!

I do like my Yorkie tea though. Problem is in Ireland they have yet to be shown the Yorkshire Tea mines. And have just been introduced to ECCLES CAKES.


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They should have prosecuted the owner!!!Who in their right mind lets a dog walk along a sheer cliff with no lead?????