Yorkshire - home of Britain's hardest dogs.

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Shakey, Jan 16, 2007.

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  1. Yorkshire has the hardest dogs. It's official.

    BBC News: Yorkshire dog falls down cliff and is unhurt.

    Also, when I was a kid, our dog jumped off the sea wall onto the beach at Bridlington and carried on running up to my Dad.

    Anyone who says that these dogs who jump great heights with no fear are not hard but just stupid is a gay.
  2. Everybody knows yorkshire is best at everything.

    Thats a fact based statement. Of course our dogs are the hardest. Our monty was nails.
  3. Yorkshire dogs can't be very hard, my mom had a Yorkshire terrier and it was sh!t scared of pit bulls.
    It started barking at a Geman Shepherd once and I worried that it could have killed the Shepherd , would have been terrible if the Yorkie had stuck in its throat and chocked him
  4. look at that one bottom left wi' t'owd sheff U top top! Mong...
  5. I dunno, try Gosport Ferry taxi rank on a Saturday night - there's some right hard looking dogs in that queue!
  6. Is that why Yorkshire tea is too strong? :wink:
  7. Could someone tell me what he said in English please?

  8. Hang fire!!

    That there dog is a Staff so that makes Staffordshire dogs hardest!!

    I do like my Yorkie tea though. Problem is in Ireland they have yet to be shown the Yorkshire Tea mines. And have just been introduced to ECCLES CAKES.
  9. They should have prosecuted the owner!!!Who in their right mind lets a dog walk along a sheer cliff with no lead?????
  10. A Yorkshireman?

  11. Hes probably a Southerner that moved up to the Country!
  12. That bloke with the old Sheff U top on. Christ! He makes Paul Calf look like a fashion statement.

    I think he's actually a Snort Beast in disguise.

    BTW, Yorkshire Terriers aren't technically a dog. I think they're actually some species of rat. Ask Darwin.
  13. I nearly married a Yorkshire lass once, thank god she saw the light and left me for a Turk in Istanbul.Woof !!Woof!! Johnny Turk.
  14. When 'ee wurr a laad - me dog Rusty buggered off from Withernsea
    in N Humberside an' warked all t'way t' Hornsea were 'ee got
    hizzen shot - so bein' a reet 'ard-nakker, 'ee warked back
    'ome - 'an 3 days later - 'ee warked in t'veranda, sat down
    and kicked t'bucket. We buried 'im wi' full military honours
    unda t'ferret run in t'back garden !!

  15. Come Come Andyman, Southeners have more sense than to move to Yorkshire, Durham or the Lakes at a push but Yorkshire "Yer aving a larff ain't yer"

  16. Now here is yer 'ARD YORKY DOG'


    Nutty he.he.he.he.

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