Yorkshire Chucking in the Towel

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Nutty, Sep 30, 2008.

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  1. Well all you Yorkie Bars just what is happening, Halifax(HBOS) passed away now Bradford and Bingley gone bust. Thought you lot were the tight wads not the prolific gamblers and the first to go broke.

    Perhaps we should add Yorky Watch to our Scouse Watch threads.

  2. Yorkies are only tight with their own money.

    With other peoples...... :eek:ccasion9:
  3. A fair days wage for a fair days work.

    The new boss of Bradford & Bingley has only just got his feet under the desk before it is about to be whisked away.
    Richard Pym, 59, joined the bank on August 18, which means he has been chief executive for a total of just 30 working days.
    If he loses his job as a result of the crisis, he will enter the record books with one of Britain's briefest tenures.
    Mr Pym's basic annual salary is £750,000, and his service contract is for 12 months but subject to 'a minimum period of two years'.
    If the axe falls within this period, the annual report suggests he could be in line for two years' basic salary, equal to £1.5million.
    He was also guaranteed a minimum cash bonus worth £375,000 for his work in 2008, and would have got at least the same
    amount for the first half of next year. He was also given share options worth £1.5million, or twice his basic pay, but if the arse
    falls out of Bradford & Bingley - these will become virtually worthless.

    (Altogether now........AAwwwwwwwwww!)
  4. I don't think the Yorkies are chucking in the towel at the moment, they cant afford towels.
  5. How can you be guaranteed a bonus, before they know how well you have preformed? Surely bonuses should be performance related?
  6. Get t' clogs on Sefton,theres fire at'mill!
  7. BNM
    Is all that gen?
    Things like that never happen to me....

    If the bank has gone bust, how can they pay him that?
  8. Haha, very good..Yorkshire is God's County.

    Everyone loves a Yorkshire Puddin too :w00t:
  9. Only if it is made right Dan....that berk G.Ramsey TRIED to make one and it came out like a souffle, all air and no substance, AND he stuck it onto the mains plate, it's a starter FFS.
  10. Our dear Lord West did even better. I've never felt so secure since he took over. Now he's gone I will resort to being a nervous wreck.
  11. Fuck off the lot of you!

    Bradford, and Bingley in particular, is a dump. Even we dont like it.

    Yorkshire will never go down, not with God on our side :D :D

  12. If you are off to see Leeds thrashed by MK Dons in ther 1st (thats is the first) Division then pop into Leeds Oldest Pub for a wet. Take bite cream with you.

    Leeds Oldest Pub

    And why you are in Yorkshire stay away from the Curries

    West Yorkshie Curries

    Yorky Bar Watch in Action

  13. Nothing wrong with The Ship!
    Its not the oldest pub though, thats just round the corner but I cant remember its bloody name.... itl come to me...
  14. Whitelocks
  15. why is it that it's the Northern banks that are being shagged.
    Northern Rock,Bradford etc,Bank of Scotland?are there any Southern banks in the shit?
    Or are we just to greedy or to thick and have to put up with it?
    I think it's was the former,Early years I struggled to get a mortgage and last year one of my sons was offered a 110% mortgage and he is over 40 years old!
    Guess it's a new world.

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