York Press: "HMS York celebrates 25 Years at Sea"

Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by soleil, Mar 25, 2010.

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  1. Beat me to it Sol. :)
  2. The last time I was on her was for a call round in Rosyth when she was brand spankers. Surely it was only last year.
  3. Blue boot top?
  4. Wasn't that Exeter?
  5. P i s s off its a 42, 25 years tied to Fountain Lake more like.
  6. Mac

    Sorry mate the Yorkie got all the good trips, remember well having to do trials on D96 when York was getting all the news print and jollies as first of the Batch 3's.
  7. Not when I was on her 2000-2002, only had about 4 months in Pompey, but hey, don't let that Guzz faggoty chip slip off your shoulders Mac. :lol: :p
  8. I was never tied along side that long on a 42 lol
  9. Levers_Aligned

    Levers_Aligned War Hero Moderator

    Manchester was the first Batch 3.

  10. Levers

    Sorry mate, Manch was a modified Batch 2, there are some differences between Manch and York, Gloucester and Edinbgurgh.
  11. Funny I am sure back in Sept 82 when I joined her in Barrow, the Manch was stretched therfore making her the first batch 3 regardless of what she was laid down as.
    Still my memory is not what it was.
    Not long left for the old girl now.
    My son is due to join the Edinburgh next month after waisting 3 months on the Nottingham. I believe the Fortress of the sea will be the last one to decommish.
  12. Not when I was on her either, once we got out of FSLs hands we pretty never much came back! Sea trials, BOST, JMC, Deployed (which got extended) back for Christmas, DCT, JMC, deployed again. Other than some main leave periods there was very little time in Pompey. All good fun!

    According to the RN website MANC is a Batch 3. She is slightly different to the subsequent batch 3s and has some similarities to the Batch 2s.

    York was the last of the 42s, laid down but made it into service ahead of Gloucester and Edinburgh.

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