York City Knights.....could be Dragon killers.


War Hero


War Hero
Last night in the first round of the Challenge Cup.....Bridgend Blue Bulls 0 Royal Navy 60.

This afternoon saw the Army in action winning their game against Orrel st James 10 - 18

This sets up a second round tie between RN and Army which would see a forces team progress to the third round for the first time in history of the Challenge Cup. Already talk of it being televised , as this is not Union RN should win as looking at the Army RL side there are no Fijians in their squad.
The light blue service were in action today aswell , their score is not in yet as they had special dispensation from the RFL to break for Tiffin every 15 mins during the match.
Will post again if the RN v Army gets the nod for TV airtime .

Edit to add , RAF lost 24 - 6.
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