Yomping/Speed Marching

Guys this may sound bone but as part of my training programme at the end of each month I undertake mock tests such as a 9 mile speed march and the 30 miler (none of which are to commando standards as they are undertaken on flat surfaces wearing traininers and carrying no kit) in order to prepare my self mentaly and physically for either the regs or rubbers, is there any timings for speed marching and yomping i.e. 5 minute run 5 minute yomp etc, I appologise in advance if this has been done to death but I cant find the answer any where (checked here and other military forums and the web)
Cheers of any advice or info
Speed marching involves a group covering a set distance as quickly as possible and then still be to take part in any action required, ie a firefight.
So you run at a moderate pace on the flat and walk any uphill stretches at a moderate/fast pace. The pace is about 10 minute miles, if I remember correctly, this may seem slow but you'll be wearing boots, carrying a weapon and wearing some form of fighting order.
Yomping is just moving across any terrain at a reasonable pace with the added bonus of having a hoofing great Bergan on your back that weighs 80 kilos or there abouts, the good news is you get a 5-10 minute break every 50 minutes. This is so at the end of the break you can suffer a little more trying to get going again.
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