Yobs torch ex-Marine's scooter

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by wingnut, Mar 4, 2009.

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    Should the people who did this be made to do National service?

    I believe that they should do a minimum of 2 years.

    Any views?
  2. Yes mate you are correct, or be hung.... Im sure their choice will be national service which would be the wiser choice for their own good!!
    It makes me sick to see people do this but the country will only get worse I am sure.
  3. Why the fook should the professional Armed Forces be used for Correctional training, it's not their job. Chuck the fookers in Prison in the Nonces wing that'll learn 'em. :wink:
  4. Send them into the mountains to plant trees I will oversee there well being with Clicky-Ba
  5. those yobs dont deserve to join the forces, they'd still be idiots but with guns. a LONG prision sentance would do the job im sure.
  6. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    National service. Most definitely but in special "Penal Battalions". They should be issued heavy boots and taught to bunny hop and then sent out on mine clearance duty.
  7. I agree with you there but do you think our soft unjust justice sytem would even alow that, yet alone keep them in long enough to teach them a lesson? I think laws need to be tougher on things and people like them and maybe just maybe events like that would be extreemly rare knowing that the punishment would be excutiatingly painful they would think twice about doing it.
  8. Put tyres over their heads and torch the feckers as they have not one ounce of respect for anyone. :twisted:
  9. This link from the same page sums it all up OAP
    Why sully the forces with this scum,and don't forget that you are prolly outnumbered by them thanks to St Tone and his pals . Blobbs idea gets my vote.
  10. Ah, not a Lambretta then. Did these retards know that it belonged to an ex bootneck? I doubt that would have mattered much to them but they must have known that it probably belonged to some poor bugger with a mobility problem.

    Sod National Service: throw them in the slammer with lots of unpleasant forced labour.

    wingnut. I like your thread.
  11. I personally think the the Septics have got something right .. the Chain Gangs! Get the yobs and miscreant's chained up and on hard labour making roads - at least then they could be doing something useful as the state of the raods in this country are p*ss poor!
  12. I would add to that, dry stone walling, hedge maintenance and drain/ditch clearing. They would even learn a skill to be proud of.

    Aren't we forgetting their bloody sacred humungous rights, though?
  13. Very true and we must never ever abuse their human rights of course, or that 'Chapati Chindeerkala' or whatever her bloody name is will come down on us all like a ton of bricks.

    The only right these ferral arswipes have is the right to get walloped or put into hard labour.

  14. Brilliant idea "wb" , :lol:
  15. Was she the cnut who objected to yobbos on community service wearing hi viz vests as it would "single them out"
  16. A few years ago, knowing who the local Scroates were, me and a few of my group used to go around in the middle of the night and shove a long screwdriver through their car radiators and stick a match in the tyre valve.
    We even grabbed a few of the gobby bastards one night then threw them in the back of the van and drove them out to the countryside in the middle of nowhere, kicked them out and said, find your own way back.
    We drove off and left them. I have to admit, they looked quite petrified.
    The next time we did that, one of them got run over and had his leg broken. The boss quizzed us about it as a complaint had been put in but all came to nothing in the end.
    Good laugh if nothing else.
    As it happens, the one who was run over got sent down for Rape a few months later. Pity he wasn't taken out in the accident!

  17. They haven't got any Human rights ... once inside they don't have a NHS number and not sure if that applies to a Nat Insurance No: All they do is eat, sleep and sew mailbags! Make them do something useful! Chain 'em all up ... march 'em out and make 'em mend the roads, dig ditches, etc etc etc! All you need are a couple of "Grunts" with AK47's to keep them company!
  18. The problem with giving them a long prison sentence is that our taxes are paying for them to live in conditions nicer than what they have at home! :evil:
  19. So why make it comfortable??? Proson is supposed to be a deterent not a "Butlins" with walls! Really does get to me that they get TV in their cells etc. Make them do something for the community - put them in bright orange ovies, chain 'em together and make them work!

    If they want to "better" themselves and do Uni courses etc then so be it ... but they do it the same as the rest of us .. at night when we've got home from grafting all day!
  20. A few points, why is the fact he was an ex Royal important, no one who needs a scooter of that type should be made to suffer like that whether or not they are an ex serviceman.

    Secondly sending the bastard to jail is jsu a cost for us, let's first make him pay back the value of the scooter in double quick time, sell his car if he has one. Then lets see him doing proper community service every weekend for the rest of the year, and perhaps do a few shifts as a volunteer porter at the local A&E every friday and saturday night. Now that may change his idea of a laugh and society will get some value rather than cost from it.

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