Yob Urinates on War Memorial

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Joint_Force_Harrier, Jul 27, 2009.

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  1. Good.

    Hope the bloke still gets locked up.
  2. Let him be responsible for the upkeep of the memorial.

    And clean every public convenience in Blackpool for life.

    He may think twice about wopping his todger out and pissing against anything!!
  3. Surely if he is genuinely remorseful and cleans it off that should be enough. It was Hitler who tended to overreact , not us! Isn't "locking him up" just a teeny weeeny bit over the top? A sense of proportion is often lacking on this forum, as indeed it often was (is?) in lower deck messes. I'm just here to watch the chimpanzees' tea party. :wave:
  4. Oh I don't know, a bit of tarring and feathering with a soupcon of knee-capping and castration with a spoon might be just what he needs to help develop him into a positive member of society.

    Not condoning his actions one bit and I agree with the Chairman's comments about sacrifice and respect 100% but it is easy to go a bit over the top on this site methinks. Of course if he is locked up for common assault then that is a different matter.

    As an aside - we are talking about Blackpool here so it must surely have rained by now. If not, what exactly does he need to do to "clean the cenotaph"?
  5. Everyone get back off the horses, no lynching today lol
  6. Sounds like the modern day "stocks" worked, if more locals voiced their displeasure like they did in this case, a lot of this wouldn't be happening..shame and name, if a person has a conscience it should work, for those that are pretty much zombies and have no conscience, then out back and a quick shot to the head will work... 8)
  7. A bolt od tricity should have run up his sream from the monument and blow his balls off the twat :)
  8. Ah, the fun that could be had with a stainless steel urinal and a wind up Megger!

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