Yob Gangs: How can we get them off the streets?

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by brazenhussy, May 15, 2007.

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  1. There is no doubt that trouble youths and yob gangs are on the rise in Britain - with knife crime and violent assaults becoming more commonplace.
    What can communities do to make the streets a safer place?

    (My mates' had this discussion the other day- so thought id ask your ideas)
  2. Let the communities be made responsible for cleaning up the area - that way if the yobs get a good slapping, they aint gonna report it as they cant be seen to be weak.

    Wont be any retaliation coz the community 'gang' is bigger than there gang
  3. The softly softly approach has been tried, tested and failed. Now its time to get tough. As young as they may be, the punishment should fit the crime. If the little scroats are committing mens crimes, then they should be among real men in prison. See how before the little sh**s cry for their mothers!
  4. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    shoot the fcukers
  5. Prevent the problem in the first place.

    All children to be removed from mothers at birth and raised in state run facilities with pre-emptive use of appropriate pharmaceuticals to increase psychological malleability and assist in programming socially acceptable behaviour.
  6. You got my vote. Now where is the shotgun ?

    :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  7. Mine too!

  8. Wet _blobby for PM!!! :D :D
  9. I think the simple solution, perhaps not quite as satisfying as the shotgun solution though, is to stop pussyfooting about and indulge in mass arrests. Having to get mummy or daddy to come down to the station for interviews and subsequent caution will ensure that many get the clip round the ear treatment they greatly deserve from the person they should get it from. First time caution second time court. There will always be a core that will not respond but the majority will and the remaining hard core can be shipped of to juvenile detention centres

  10. I've got a nice over and under, couple of 9mm, assortment of fine knives and........er...a broken water pistol!

    Oh, and some old white head coverings with KKK on them....???
  11. I find that most young people I know hate to be shown up, hate to be humiliated. The best punishment for teenage thugs would be to humiliate them in front of everybody, ie degrading jobs such as sweeping the street, picking up dog mess, cleaning grafitti from walls and pavements on the street where they live. Everybody they know will then see them doing these jobs. Put them in stocks if need be, but humiliate them. See how quickly their mates want to follow suit.
    Make the little b.astards criminally liable from age 7 onwards. Don't tell me a 7 year old doesn't know what he/she is doing. They seem to know more than adults these days.
    My best mates' answer-
    "If someone is injured in a gang fight then don't treat them. Let them die and soon people will be wary of joining gangs."
  12. Perhaps it is time for parenting classes to be introduced in schools. Many of the problems occur because those having children are children themselves.
    For some reason many parents (not only single moms) seem to think that they can hand over the education, including discipline to the state. However they are the first ones complaining when their child is disciplined.
    Time for a law which makes parents totally responsible for their children's behaviour until they become adults. if this law is already in place then it's time it was enforced.
  13. Take out the middleman. Remove children from parents at birth and, drug them up and then indoctrinate them as a state enterprise.
  14. Has anyone thought of Youthanasia?
  15. Why not bring back the stocks and also publish their names on posters along with their photographs.Name and shame them.
    Make their chav parents be more responsible for their actions and sterilize them to prevent more of the same.(Or is that too radical?)
  16. We simply need to stop fcking around and start getting tough. In this softly, softly - over PC country we live in, the law and the rules falls too much in favour for the "bad guys". They fear nothing and why? Because we give them nothing to fear!!!

    Shooting Firefighters with air rifles, stabbing Police Officers, terrorising pensioners in their own homes………………….. In Edinburgh yesterday, a bus driver was dragged out of his cab, beaten and stabbed for asking some troublesome youths to leave the bus. The youths know there are CCTV cameras on the bus but they don’t care, because even if they are caught and sent to prison they are guaranteed an easy life. Prison today is a life of Snooker/pool, Playstations, Satellite TV in your cell, a top of the range fitness suite, football & sports and all paid for by the tax payer!! Chances are they will be under 16 and walk away without so much of a slap on the wrist anyway.

    What happened to the days when your parents threatened to tell the Police you had done wrong and you shat yourself!! You knew that if you got caught, you faced a clout over the back of the head from the copper and a good smacking/grounding from your parents. We had discipline and more importantly we had RESPECT for them.

    You want answers? TOUGH JUSTICE!!! Simple as that.

    * Prison Ships (also solves the problem of overcrowded prisons) - Make the little barstewards earn there way out of trouble, through sheer hard graft and proper punishment
    * Bring back National Service for a minimum 2 year period - teach them discipline and respect.
    * Round up all the Junkies (and before anyone starts arguing with me, Im talking about the ones who don’t want help) - stop fecking feeding them methadone at our expense and give them a taste of reality. If they don’t want help - prison.
    * Junkie mothers (as in the ones with 5 kids to 5 different blokes) who earn £30k a year, rent free, council tax free and keep churning the babies out to get more money - STERILISE THEM. Not fair? Breech of human rights? I couldn’t give a fck!!! If we give them such an easy life this way, they will continue to take the piss. This is taken from experience of two girls I know who do just that! One has just been given a brand new, 5 bedroom, two story apartment in Edinburgh for her and her 5 kids - to buy this would cost £200k!!!
    * Teenage gangs on the street - acting hard, above the law, terrorising people? Get the Police to move in, arm them with Tazers and CS Gas and sort the little barstewards out. Stop fannying around and take the fight to them. Harsh handling & harsh punishments. Give them no rights!!

    Before the incoming starts, let me leave you with this. One of my best mates is serving life in prison for murder - a murder he didn’t commit I might ad. In this prison he recently met a guy who is a real diamond of a bloke - a family man with not a streak of badness in him!! This mans son had been getting constant abuse, beatings and was being terrorised by a gang. He had also been stabbed by one of them.

    One night the gang turned up at the mans house. They smashed a window, shouted abuse and taunted the son to come out and fight - when he didn’t, one of the gang tried to get through the front door. This man tried to stop him - tried to protect his family in their own home and in the melee ended up killing the gang member. Self defence? Protecting his family? His property? No - he is in prison for murder. Tell me that’s justice. Tell me that’s fair. Tell me he deserves it. Tell me you wouldnt do the same!!

    In the past two years in my neighbourhood alone, there has been two teenagers stabbed, two people shot, two beaten to a pulp (one died, the other survived - just) and at the weekend a 16 year old had his throat cut. But hey its fine - Labour have built a new school, swingpark, 5-a-side football pitch and a lovely garden, so its fine!! More coppers, more powers to them, less rights to the criminals

    Blobs Im with you. Lets just shoot the Fckers instead!!!

    .....................and breathe :evil:

  17. Nah… we need to have regular 'Hunt a Chav' days when any Chav seen out and about without a collar can be shot… like the old dog shoots from the days of Empire :wink:
  18. Though many of the kids are the product of Chavs a proportion of them are not. However this should not stop them being named and shamed. Wonder how much street cred it would give the kids though, perhaps not as much as an ASBO but more than a bollocking.
  19. All Governments have failed to address this problem which has been growing for some decades. The present system of warning, second warning, final warning, caution etc does nothing to resolve it. The Police have no option but to adhere to the flow charts, changes to laws, bailing conditions etc spewing from the present Government and I fear the the Tories will be no better. If the Police seem inaffective (I tend to agree) remember they are simply doing what the Government tells them and you vote the Government in. I have no doubt that harsher punishment, public humilation and stopping benefits would go a long way to solving some of the problems but you try telling that to the bed wetting, touchy, sandal wearing arse bandits in charge.
  20. In agreement with blobbs, 9mm, double tap.

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