Yo Shippers!

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by alhucoll, Oct 2, 2006.

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  1. Just found this site after spending far too much time at ARRSE.
    Old(ish) 23 rating, hairy arsed killick stoker (Greeny).
    Got a life back in '97 and ended up in the oil industry on the drilling side - everything is still Pussers grey, small lockers and dodgy food.
    But the time off is excellent and so is the money!
    I'll start posting some "dits" of HMS Monmouths world tour '95 - some stories on that escapade!!

    See you all later - beer to drink! :p
  2. Welcome alhucoll. It's good to be part of something great. Hope you wiped your feet on leaving ARRSE. :wink:

  3. SF

    Into the De-cam area, hose him down and apply pussers 'ard with scrubbing brushes, that should get ARRSE off or out of him.

  4. Welcome!
  5. Hi Al'hucoll (sound Arabic to me) welcome onboard the steady ship Rum Ration. You'll prefer the smell of pusser's hard and rum to what comes out from the AARSE, I'm sure!


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