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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Kinko, Sep 16, 2008.

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  1. Hey guys, I've just got my date for my psychometric tests(Oct, 7th), feeling pretty pumped now. I've just came on to tell you my progress and ask for some information.

    Jobs I'm applying for:

    1.Supply chain logistician
    2.Seaman Specialist

    What they Involve, am I right?

    1. Supplying people with the right kit, managing and dealing with the equipment stores, working in a warehouse environment.

    2. Basically doing the odd jobs around the ship, cleaning and maintining other parts of the ship?

    I've been practising the PJFT on a treadmill and have clocked in at (11:59), a fairly reasonable time, I'm happy with that.

    I would like to ask you guys if it would be possible to get November date judging from where I'm at now.
  2. Hi Kinko,

    I dont think you will have a start date by November mate, you have to pass your RT, then have an interview, medical and pjft.

    Following this the navy will do a security clearance which I believe takes about 4-6 weeks.

    Hope this helps WN
  3. i applied and begam my tests around june/july time and have got a nov start date so it does take a while. it was for AET though so im guessing it will differ for your branches
  4. Plus Seaman Specialist has a wait for 12 months. Not sure on Supply chain logistician, but don't be put off by the waiting time.
  5. I would hope it is more than that. Close in guns (GPMG/Chain-gun), manning Ribs and RAS?

    If it's as you think, then I will switch to WS!
  6. Hi,

    The waiting time for any branch starts from the date you sat the RT. Therefore unfortunately it's unlikely that you will get into either of those 2 branches by Nov 08. The wait for Sea Spec is approx 12 months and the wait for SA (Logs SC) is currently 6 months.

    11:59 sounds OK for your PJFT but you need to keep working at it as it needs to be down to 11:13 by the time you get to Raleigh.

    Logs SC - run all of the stores within the RN, they order in anything we need from a new pair of shoes to a new engine. They issue out stores to whom ever requires them. And source them via various means should we need them at short notice.

    Seaman Spec - Drive the ship at sea, help the officer of the watch with the day to day running of the ship at sea. They also drive the fast boats and control all seamanship evolutions onboard. They also deal with all Ship to ship communication i.e. Flags, flashing light etc.

    Hope this helps

    Neil - Supermario

  7. supermario, could you expand on what "seamanship evolutions" is/are please.
  8. I must be lucky my careers advisor is hoping to get me in for CIS in november and im taking my RT tomorrow!!
  9. Here are a few examples

    Connecting the ships with ropes and wires for replenishment and transfer of personnel via Boatswains chair. Laying out and handling of all ropes during the ship coming alongside and connecting to tugs. Rigging of towing equipment for other ships. The maintenance of all survival equipment (Life raft and life jackets etc). Driving of the ships ribs and other boats. Anchoring the ship.

    Hope this helps


  10. Fantastic. Thanks.
  11. '11:59 sounds OK for your PJFT but you need to keep working at it as it needs to be down to 11:13 by the time you get to Raleigh'

    I thought the formal test was in week 7? I wasn't aware you had to have that time clocked straight away ;o
  12. You don't, but the fitter you are when you join the better!

    11.59 while a pass for the PJFT isn't a comfortable pass by any means, and if you somehow fluff it on your first Tuesday at Raleigh and fail you'll be doing remedial training in the evenings which I'm sure is not a lot of fun!
  13. If you like the outdoors and a physical challenge, the SEAs always seem to be pretty busy. On a day-to-day basis you'll be working on the bridge, light flashing, flag waving and maintaining your part of ship.

    Major evolutions include RASing and RIB driving.

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