YIPPEE!!!! The dirty, smelly, skanky barstewards are going!

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by SONAR-BENDER, Apr 30, 2013.

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  1. I know someone pointed this out in another thread (sorry, can't remember who or where!) but now it's in the Mail, so it must be true!

    Days of the Faslane Peace Camp which protests against nuclear weapons may be numbered after 30 years due to a lack of interest | Mail Online

    Now for those that have not seen it, imagine this. You are driving up a beautiful sea loch on the left, large houses on the right, a wonderful view all around - if it is not raining and you can see it!

    Then just as you approach the Base, on the right you'll see a hideous hotch-potch of dirty and multi-coloured caravans and lorries in among the trees. It looks a mess and has achieved zip for the many years it has been there. But worse, the last county council actually supported it financially! It was anti nuclear......

    As for the smelly and dirty bit, well, you only have to stand next to one of them for a couple of seconds to prove that statement.

    So, on behalf of al the Helensburgh and local area residents may I say good riddance and don't haste ye back!
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  2. They might be back with new vigour; Anti-drones protesters' lenient sentence is 'invitation' to activists | UK news | theguardian.com
    If it's OK to interfere with the RAF Waddington Model Aero Club from inside the Fence, it might be OK to do the same with the Bombers.
  3. Ah wis at Fassers for 5years (1969 - 74) and divya ken fit! Ah niver smelt athing!
  4. Never really understood the mentallity of these people. If I wanted to protest something that I felt really strongly about I would camp outside number 10 or as near as I could get. Worked at Faslavatory for 7 years (88 - 96) the amount of time we were confined to the buildings at knocking of time due to these Phuqtards really gripped my shit.
  5. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    John Winton wrote them up in 'Polaris' -- long ago. Have these insanitary people now failed to breed their own replacements?
  6. Ironic that the very thing they were protesting against, was what was ensuring their freedom to protest in the first place. That Polyarny peace camp didn't last long as I recall..
  7. Took Wifey up to Loch Eck on Sunday and went past the Camp - What a shit tip!
  8. One of the ideas of protest is to draw attention and a way of doing that is to cause inconvenience. This is similar to those who say 'why don't teachers strike during the school holidays?'

    Not a comment on the rights or wrongs of this specific protest, just, well... a comment.

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