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Discussion in 'Submariners' started by willmuse, Oct 3, 2007.

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  1. I posted this a while ago... but all to no avail! anyone care to speculate?

    Heyy, after many weeks of shitting myself not knowing if i've passed my security check. I had the clear finally earlier today! My credit rating is absolutely terrible as I keep missing payments due to me losing my bloody job!!! Grrrrr

    Just a few question to clear up now before I go!

    1. I realise that obviously you have to share rooms with everybody else but after the 9 weeks basic ... what happens then? I'm training to be a ETWE(SM).

    2. What happens with i'm not on a boat? Do I still get submarine pay?

    3. I've come to understand that the 9 weeks basic at Raleigh is tough. My question is after the 9 weeks, because i'll stay at Raleigh, do they "lighten" up kinda thing!?

    Thanks in advance guys!!!
  2. Yes in your case.................oops sorry mate wrong thread.........i thought that this was Is Torture ever mistake. :w00t:
  3. 1. I've no idea what they do with kids these days. The last time I was duty at Raleigh there was a load of Part 2 Submariners in a block, so you won't be getting your own cabin straight away.

    2. If you're qualified and everything, you'll get Submariners pay regardless of your location.

    3. Yes, a bit.
  4. I was told there is a special fairground they open for you after basic. I choose to believe this - candyfloss ho!

    And quoted from elsewhere, by Ships_Cat:

    Not sure if that applies to submariners though.
  5. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    I've moved this to the submariners forum as the questions are specific to the Submarine world & submariner training.

    My advice is to write a list of questions you may have & take them to your pre-entry brief at your local AFCO, where you will be given the latest, up to date answers with regard submarine pay whilst ashore, accommodation ashore, discipline & all other such potentially contentious issues.

    One thing I would advise is that you do not think for one moment because Security Clearance has been granted, your financial worries are behind you. You can be discharged for financial irresponsibility & need to ensure you meet all financial obligations in the Service.

    Good Luck!
  6. 1.You'll be lucky if you get a single cabin as a OS/AB or at Raleigh, last time I was there as a LS(S) I was in a 4-man mess however if you offer the Accom staff sex and you may get one. In your dreams!

    2. Yes

    3. A wee bit
  7. I would imagine there would still be quite a lot of the bullshit to navigate through after basic training. As you move into your SQ section of courses quite a bit of the responsibility to get to and from classes and such will be down to you. After all you will be a tiny bit trained by now and considered trustworthy.

    I would expect there still to be a fair bit of shouting and marching up and down to do. Gotta give the shouters something to get out of bed for. Remember, the kit you've been issued with will be enough to get you through all the trials and tribulations of HMS Raleigh. DON'T let your kit fall below minimum standards, the better it is the more the shouters will leave you alone to get on with your professional qualification and you'll have more time to get the most out of the courses.

    Infomation on these courses will come thick and fast.....don't worry it will stick, just don't tilt your head to one side as some may leak out.
    ABOVE all remember this is basic training and the shouters and instructors are doing their level best to get you through it and into the fleet.

    What you're doing at HMS Raleigh is beyond most of the youthful population of the UK. YOU are above average, the RN recognises that fact and they've chosen to select you for training, they think you're worth it. SHOW them they were right. Lastly.......enjoy enjoy enjoy.............when you get to your boat you will realise just how easy it was. Then the hard work starts!

    A life on the ocean wave and out on the bounding blue..........bit too 1,2,3,4 main vents then....diving now, diving now! Actually S&T's don't open 1&2's staight away, don't want to stick the arse end out of the water and trip the TG's.

    GOOD LUCK! :thumright:
  8. Ok. I'm currently a DO in Ph2 SM training in Raleigh. If you were to come to us right now after completing Phase One, you would be sharing with 25 other wanabees. BUT(and this is well hot - straight from the galley range) - we are about to up sticks and move blocks - discussions are taking place right now - meeting Friday morning - this is because we need more bed spaces for the expected increase in training numbers. The short version is that you will be sharing with others whilst in Raleigh. When you get to Collingwood you will probably have 4 or 6 man cabins. The blocks we are about to move into are a mixture of 26 man messes and 4/6/8 man cabins. If you return to Raleigh after your Collingwood course, you will probably have one of the cabins as we will be earmarking these for trainees on career course.

    See you soon.
  9. 1. I realise that obviously you have to share rooms with everybody else but after the 9 weeks basic ... what happens then? I'm training to be a ETWE(SM).

    I've done a wee bit longer that 9 weeks and I still share a room with 15 others (at sea) Its called "Male Bonding".

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