Yet more bone questions

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by ex_rubberdagger, Mar 27, 2009.

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  1. Friday March 27th 2009 and there are 11 newbie posts ranging from Body piercings, contact lenses and i quote "worried about the phycremetric" test. I fcuking would be too if i was you mate!!

    The sites fcuked!!
  2. arrse 506 on line......RR 40
  3. I mentioned that scenario quite a while back, all I got was abuse, life goes on tho` eh?
  4. Yawn...
  5. We can all be wrong Hig. I'm just voicing what alot of people are thinking!!
  6. Does anyone [aside from themselves ]seriously give a toss about the shite posted about their dates ? FFS every day people do things but don't have to do 50 posts about it.
  7. i've just had a dump! :pottytrain5:
  8. Did you remove your kegs first??
  9. I fancy a sandwich and am not sure which to choose from either Ham and Mustard or Cheese and Pickle. Will my first week of training in the RN assist me with such mind numbing decisions or will it take the Phase 2 training to sort that conundrum out?

  10. Crucify the stupid wanktards
  11. What a brilliant reply from someone who is not in yet. In the Army, people have joined up as privates and ended up as Generals, so, where did you go wrong?

    You are the type of person that is killing this site, but, what the fukc do I know?

    There have been many great posters on this site with humour and common sense, but they have left.

    Ask yourself why ********.
  12. What Hig said. :evil:
  13. Some of the questions are pretty stupid but u must of all been newbies once am sure u's had daft questions aswell. 8) 8)
  14. What an Idiot you are............................when I joined as a Junior Naval Airman in Jan 1956, you weren`t allowed to ask`ll be one of those that wont go to sea unless you have a six berth cabin............Think before you speak, It is no surprise to me at all that the RN that I have loved all of my life, is going to the dogs. You are the proof of this.

    If you want a fukcing argument, bring it on.

    You wont like me when i get a bit brusque.
  15. Never went for a long stand or big weight then, Hig? :)
  16. did u not ask questions bcoz u alredy knew the answers think not m8 and am sure in ur life time u have asked a question, if u didnt ask a question how would u find out the answer, answer me that 1!!!!
  17. No sonny,all of the questions are stupid as are the throbbers asking them.Why ? Because of the 50 current posts 15-16 of them are on the same subject with the same questions that have been asked day after day as you newbies just jump in and read fcuk all first .Ask at the labour exchange for fcuksake .Is the RN really going to be manned by gobshites ?
  18. Another ******** crawls out of the woodwork.

    Forgive him lord, he knows not of what he says.

    By the way that statement of your was so funny, I`m laughing so much that I can`t siht.
  19. i say some of the questions are stupid bcoz i am a newbie and none of my quetions were stupid they were for my knowledge which i needed to know,
  20. If you are able to repeat this question in English, I may be able to reply to it.

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