Yet another...PJFT

i did have a search around on here and the RN website, but I couldn't find anything solid on the matter.

Aside from the 1.5 mile run, is there anything else to be done during the test? I know the marines need to do pull-ups, push-ups etc, is that part of the RN test too? Thanks for any info chaps.

I'll be going to see my AFLO in the week to arrange the test, however intrigue has gotten the best of me.
Yes it is just 1.5 mile run on a treadmill no other form of exercise prior to joining. You will have you BP measured as well just before.


Lantern Swinger
yep, get weighed, measured and then run on treadmill with no incline quite easy really. 12.20 is the limit i last heard for the PJFT but at raleigh its 11.13 so if you can get it under 11 mins brilliant!

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