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Yet another newbie :-)


Just a quick hello to all at RR

I have been reading the pages and pages of forums, all pretty helpful! I have my initial interview in a couple of weeks....nerves are kicking in! :)
Don't worry the initial interview is just a chat about careers options within the Navy, nothing more. It's a chance for you to ask any questions you may have about the process for getting in or life within the RN.

Keep smiling


Normally you go in for your initial interview and get issued with careers publications and an application pack. Once you've sent back the application form you will be sent a date to sit the RT.


Welcome, Pretty much a newbie myself just waiting for the secturity forms and all that jazz to come back so i can even book my RT!

Oh well got no excuse to fail it have i with all this spare time!
danskihill said:
Hey i need info and quick got my pre fitness book programme but how do i fill it in? do i write what i done??

Perhaps if you could put your question into plain English, someone may be able to help you.
fair do's

well im joining the navy soon, and in my pre entry breif i got a book with," pre fitness joining programme"

a programme to help for fitness levels.

on the page iit has a little box "achieved" for the each day do i put yes or no, or wht i achieved?

danskihill said:
Hey i need info and quick got my pre fitness book programme but how do i fill it in? do i write what i done??

You should fill it out in pen and take it with you when you join HMS Raleigh. It is supposed to be the last 8 weeks before joining. You will be given a copy at your pre-entry brief and this is the one you need to complete and take with you. Lets be honest I'm sure most people make it up, but they are only cheating themselves, because if they can not do the fitness it will be found out during your initial training at HMS Raleigh.


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