Yet another Commonwealth Applicant

Hi all,
I’m applying as a Commonwealth Applicant from South Africa. I have a bit of a complicated situation, in early April I was one of the Royal Marine applicants that attended a CPAE event in Pretoria, South Africa. I failed certain parts of the fitness tests and was given the option to reapply for the RN or wait a further 6 months in South African to hopefully attend another CPAE IF the relevant authorities decided to conduct one again for the RM’s. Long story short Ive decided to join the RN as an ET(ME). At the CPAE in Pretoria my test results were good enough for me to apply for the role and I was told that my test results would be saved onto the system. I reapplied a day later and have completed the application process to the point where it’s time for me to travel to the UK. I’ve received dates for my initial medical and Interview with my AFCO and I’m set to land in the UK and under go them in mid June. How long will the application process take from when I arrive in the UK up until the time I start basic training at HMS Raleigh ? Will it possibly go quicker because I’ve already passed with the relevant score for the written exam ? My fitness is now definitely up to scratch and i’ll pass the pjft with ease. My AFCO said that he’s also started my security clearance. The reason why I’m asking these questions is because I’d like to inform my sponsor on how long i might have to stay with him and his family until I start training. I tried contacting the overseas desk and my AFCO but they can’t give me an accurate answer.

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