Yet another clearance diver thread... Sorry

Hi everybody.
This is not a question regarding, application, or fitness requirements as I have seen a few threads on already.
I am curious about the day to day life of a MCD.
I have sent in my application for the role, and have spoken to a careers officer. And while I have found out a lot about the actual mine clearance aspect of the job, I can't seem to find out much about the day to day life of a diver while they are on call.
Any feedback from current or ex MCD's would be appreciated. Feel free to also share some stories, best/worst experiences etc....
This is one of those, if you have to ask, you wouldn't understand.
It's the best job in the Navy..simples, yeah seatime is a drag, but you get paid more then any other equivalent rate on board.
The chicks love ya cos you have the best knicker elastic rotting chat up line in the world when they ask what do you do in the Navy.." Hi I'm a bomb disposal diver"... as opposed to Hi I'm a seaman, or electrician, or mechanic or cook or steward...
Shore time is brills, doing proper bomb disposal tasks, deploying around the world on a team, or joining the Counter terrorism team parachuting and generally being fuckin awesome.
Ignore all the soft arses that hate divers, taking the piss out of the "I wanted to be a diver but I got "ears" on day 1" is just another fun pastime when things are slow.
Go for it, you will not regret it.
Ha! You sell it well.
I'm already sold on it, Im already in love with diving and want to dive for a living, if I can make people safer and do something worthwhile then even better.
So what do these counter terrorism deployments usually involve? Clearing a path before special forces move in? Or do you get involved in the combat aspect too? Sorry I might have a few questions, just trying to get my head around things as much as I can.
The AFCO painted a very specific picture of MCD's waiting around on call, doing maintainance/husbandry jobs between getting the call. I don't know if he was down playing it at all.
Seriously Greedo, there is too much to explain on a website, I could bore the arse of you for hours and hours about the fun and shit and giggles and scary bits, but believe me, it is the best job in the mob. The only people I know that left the branch went to join the SAS, the SBS and 1 to be a helicopter pilot.
Go for it, go on the acquaint and they will be able to explain and show you what the job is...I spent 27 years doing it and it was so much fun I nearly did it for free... ( Yeah right)
Thanks Spidiver, encouraging stuff.
I definitely think I'm making a good choice. Early days yet, only applied earlier this week, so I have quite the wait ahead of me from what I have heard.
Greedo, I assume you are already a scooby doo? If not, become one quickly! Strange as it may seem, some people cannot get their heads around being underwater and still being able to breathe - this is not good for a CD. If you are already a diver, take part in as many cold and low to zero vis dives as you can. Get your breathing rate / air consumption down. I would suggest that if you are near the coast you look for some underwater work or helping out, but that is not allowed these days - wink! Again, if you are a diver, use some of the time between now and joining up to get advanced in your agency - experience is good. BUT if you are accepted and join up, then keep VERY quiet about your previous scooby doo diving. Trust me! Very best of luck.
Hi Sonar...
Yeah already a Scooby. Passed my OW back in January, only ever dived in the UK, so my experience is only cold water with crap vis so far.
I'm planning on working my way through the PADI courses, I'm booking in for my AOW and Wreck dive specialty next month.
But yeah that's not a bad suggestion.

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