Yet another call to arms


I understand that you guys have probably done a death on here with all of the charity events that people post. However i'm in need of some help to raise a few quid in aid of the R.M.B.F who don't receive the same sort of donations that H4H and other big charities do.

Basically if you can spare any money whatsoever it would be most welcome.

See links below

Also. Check out the link below which is for a very good charity called Help Our Wounded (H.O.W)!/HelpOurWounded
£20 so far since yesterday. Thank you to Sweetpea and Soleil for their generous donations.

PLease keep the money coming guys as it is for a very good cause.
sgtpepperband said:
Likewise - but I'd have given more if you'd promised to do it bollockybuff, though... :shock: :thumbleft:
Believe me that wouldn't be a pretty sight.

Thank you very much for your donation. :)

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