Yet another AIB experience

Bain of my life here!!! All my customer forms are produced in word with Dutch Language set. Anything English written defaults to American English or doesn't get picked up at all, therefore we have to change the "s" to a "z" in a lot of words. Also "Airplane" instead of "Aircraft".


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Most of us find English difficult enough to even give a toss about Chinese or Taiwanese!!!!!:D
Recently got a request from our Chinese factory asking for advice on a problem with setting up a label file:
New Picture (2).png
New Picture (3).png
Apologies if not clear - it took me a few seconds to realise it wasn't just blurred!


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I used to like setting up the speaking function and then hide the icon.
Turn up the volume and ditch that icon out of the task bar as well.
Drives people nuts.
Once altered an auto-correct function, so that when our Union Rep
typed anything and then typed his name in any part of the document
- it changed his last name to Wankspanner.

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Yet another one:
It is fast, it is exciting, the more you bond the better you do. The more you practice in your free time the better you do (words of duty senior rate and tested).

The Cocked Hat pub (by HMS Sultan itself) is closed for refurb, the White Hart is 25min walk or an overpriced taxi away.

Food is good, allow plenty of time to order brekkie in the am, my board wern't late but once they have cooked it we had literally 2min to eat before we had to go get overalls on.

Have a coffee before abstract reasoning, it is a good mental workout (All 3 boards running agreed). Get a speed distance time app if you haven't already and really get to it.

Relax! Hard as that will be.

Glad to say I passed and as a reservist have been immediately selected. I am still a sprog but feels a good hurdle done.

Feel free to ask questions, can't tell how to pass but hopefully can give an idea.