Yet another age 55 question

Hi All.
I joined in 79, did 2 years boys time and left in 2006, (I got a 5 year extension but only did 3 so 25 years official).
I left as a P.O. (transfered from RM to RN, points from AB to PO was approx 12000 in our branch!).
I did not commute so I'm aware I will hardly get an increase but be nice to know what if any it will be.
I get approx 850 per month, slightly concerned as I've seen posts from other PO's who get more...


Lantern Swinger
Depends when in 2006 you left. If it was in the first couple of weeks of April the rise is just over 31.5%. If you left towards the end of the year is about 30%. If you tell me the exact date you left, I can tell you the exact percentage rise.
That's great, used that figure and multiplied it with my gross amount and it worked out to an extra 250 a month after tax, (using the 11500 threshold).
Cheers for your help.

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