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Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by big_green_monster, Aug 13, 2007.

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  1. I am going to be heading to AIB soon, and intend to apply as Aircrew (pilot). Can anyone tell me at what stage in the application process does a prospective pilot sit an aircrew medical/aptitude/psychometric tests and get given the green light as to whether they will be suitable to fly in the Navy? Is it at the AIB? Is there a supplementary set of tests/medical? If so, are they pre or post-BRNC?

    I ask as I have another job in the burner that has a time frame restricting the application, and I'd need to give the company (assuming I am successful) a yes or no by the 12th of November. If the Navy aren't able to give me a definitive answer by then I'd be inclined to take the commercial job (again, assuming my success). I would prefer to fly military, but I don't want to take the gamble by turning down the commercial rotary-wing job, and hold out for the Navy in case they give me a knock back... this would leave me right up sh*t creek minus a pair of paddles!

  2. Sorry China, no idea, but I've bumped this back up the list to see if anyone else can help.
  3. Good stuff! Thank you! :thumright:
  4. In a rush so I may well have misread this, there is a guide to application process but more specific for pilot.

    Interviews (Like 3 maybe 4 depending on how prepared you are)
    6 weeks

    Fill in medical and security check
    6 weeks

    Aptitude tests at cranwell or wherever
    6 weeks

    6 weeks

    Then You are entered into a pool for competition on the next intake. October the 1st is a Pilot intake for the navy i know that for deffinate. I think September 1st also. But if you haven't sat aptitudes yet I'd say that your looking at middle of next year for the letter to say when your intake is.

    As I said I am in a rush and am sorry if i'v totally missed your question but I hope this helps.

  5. Spot on! Exactly what I wanted to know!

  6. Your full aircrew medical will be conducted the day after you pass AIB, the results will then take 1/2 weeks to come through.

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