Yes, I Lied, He may have, have you ever?

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Rumrat, Apr 20, 2011.

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  1. Whilst driving a mini bus involved in the transportation of staff for a very famous local hotel, I was drawn into an altercation with the new Bulgarian hotel manager.
    He was by all accounts a thoroughly obnoxious bugger, who found humor in any unfortunates demise.
    He seemed to think it was funny that he had personally been instrumental in stopping the subsidized transport, thus making it impossible for several single elderly women to get to work. They were in the process of laying staff off, but this way he avoided "Redundancy payments".
    Never one for seeing an opportunity to annoy go to waste I joined in the banter, that was him impersonating the "screaming" the ladies were supposed to have made when told of their plight, "But it was funny" he said
    "Bit like the night we hit that fuckin TV studio in Belgrade" I chipped in." Your incompetent air force only managed a small amount of damage" he said, "we were back on the air in 5 hours."
    "Not the second night" I said, "totaled the shit tip"
    "My brother was killed that night it was an atrocity", he snapped.
    I was the bomb aimer that night I said, I heard him screaming faintly, but it was funny.

    Allowing that my Bulgarian is not good, I still managed to detect the fact he might well have been swearing at me,...hey ho!:laughing2:
  2. Nice one Rummers:notworthy:
  3. Rummers, you're a feckin Walt:-D:-D:-D:-D

    Nice one mate
  4. I think thats disgusting.Have you no shame.The poor man has lost a brother and you laugh.You'll be cracking jokes about Japan next you sicko.

  5. I am black.
    I do hate mouse traps though.
    And knowing spring lambs get slaughtered upsets me, and puts me off my lamb dinner.
    They should kill them in secret.
  6. How would the lamb know it was dead??
  7. Dunno it's a secret.
  8. You mean just like the bunkspace onboard?
  9. Do you take Lambs into your bunk space? Different.:-|
  10. Your a rum drinker and you need to ask that, especially with this lady about
  11. Lambs ain't Rum, its synthetic and made in the replicator aboard star ships.
    Pussers is the way forward for the Men of the Midlands. And I get some as well.
  12. My old man was a Farmer and my earliest idea was to feed the lambs with fodder mixed in with lots of mint sauce.
    He thought I was an idiot!
    I suspected our old shepherd wouldn't like the smell of mint on his nudger,never bothered me!

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