YES!!! Got My Application - Finally!!!

Envelope came this morning with 'On Her Majesty's Service' stamped across the top. I sensed bad news. But when I opened it, it was an application form for the British Armed Forces ( :grin: OH YEAH :grin: )

So I'm filling it out now and I'm getting it straight back to AFCO!!!

So what's the next step after the application again? - Assuming they don't laugh at it and throw it in the bin. :oops:
Test Credders, then interview, then Medical/eye test and finally a liitle run - 2.4km in a time that fits in with your age .

Cheers lads and ladies.

I'm actually stuck though... wonder if you can help...

It's on the 'Previous Service' section;

Terms of Service:

Category of Discharge:

I think I have an answer for both but I don't want to make a fool of myself lol.

Thanks in advance. I've decided to personally take down the application anyway, so if there's any questions I don't know or can't find an answer for off you guys, I'll ask them whilst I'm there.
Cheers Dunkers - I plan on doing that!

I'm a bit confused now with the employment history part too.

I lived in Portugal 5 years ago and had 2 jobs on the go. They were bar staff and labourer but I haven't got any proof of this. They were cash-in-hand at the end of the week jobs. Not official jobs. I don't know whether I can put these. Also, until September gone, I worked with my dad in his window cleaning business for a year, but this wasn't official either. I think I'm buggered!

In fact, the only 'Official' job I've ever had was in the Army and in a factory, 3 years ago . The rest have been cash-in-hand... but not whilst claiming benefits (HATE BENEFIT FRAUDSTERS :evil: )

Oh what to do!?
wet_blobby said:
go for it creddy, you'll worry yourself into an early grave mate, ever heard of lying?

I've heard of lying... but lying to the MOD who know every intricate detail about you is a different matter entirely.

We're talking about an organization who knows everything thing you've ate in your life... everytime you've taken a piss, everytime you've hugged your mother, etc. - It's not so easy to lie to them! lol