Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by seafarer1939, Mar 21, 2011.

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  1. As I speak it looks like the Pressie of Yemen will be forced out leaving the country in the hands of the ink cartridge plotters and a hive of Al Queedy.
    It always was a fundamentalist country so can we stop the massive increase in Aid to that country,in fact can we stop all Aid to that country?
    I absolutely refuse to pay taxes to fund a terrorist State with enough Aid to buy Ink Jet cartridges to blow me up.
    Frank Gardner security man on the BBC said it would be a massive blow for the West.
    Not much I can do about it I suppose but I intend to write to Poser Cameron to tell him what I think of his decision not only to give Aid to Yemen but to nearly double it .
    It seems we have elected another shower of shit and we have the next target for cruise missiles.
    What a country we live in,anyone know if the USA gives Aid to Yemen?I doubt it,if so not much I bet and they will cut it off.
    They have balls[with the exception of their Pressie] we should tell them to Feck off period.
  2. seafarer1939,

    I wholeheartedly concur with your post.
  3. Well said Seafarer. I'm sure if he's read your post as soon as the debate in the Commons is over Dave will be on to the UN about this.
  4. I get a bit carried away sometimes but I am really fed up to the back teeth with trying to sort out problems for the Arab world.They are swimming in oil and have enough cash to sort themselves out.I know the Sheiks have control so?emigrate or rise up but keep the UK the Feck out of it.I feel sorry for the people oppressed and they can't do anything but maybe other Arab states can.
    Same in Africa,let other African states sort out problems not us.
    They want the West to do it then scream"Infidels or Crusaders defiling our land." We then fall for it every time or like Broon send them hundreds of millions in Aid.
    My best drinking pal dropped dead two days ago,he did four tours in NI with the Para's and other shit he would not mention,he died a mess with no help from anybody and his nerves shredded from what he had seen/done or whatever.
    I bought most of his ale and was glad to do it as in Ten years service I saw no action and admired what he did.
    We should be helping these people not some cave age tossers in Afghanistan who despise the shit out of us.
    Here I go again,sorry but I'll miss his company and I get mad at giving cash to people who want to blow us up.
    Cameron,Blair and Broon won't get blown up though.Tossers!
  5. Well for what it's worth, when I was a.....oops....Yemen!... I thought it said Yeoman !
    Should've gone to Specsavers !!! :oops:
  6. You are not alone with your thoughts SF1939
  7. seafarer1939, sorry to hear about your drinking pal, so much for the duty of care.
  8. Thanks for that,we all lose pals John was a tragic case.For over 15 years he struggled but would always spend on others if he had it.
    I asked him about a pension,he never thought of it so I set up things and filled in the forms,eventually he was awarded over 10k! he was so delighted he wanted to pay for me and the wife a holiday!
    Told him to put something in the H4H and he did.
    Last night the regulars said he would be remembered because he had been a Warrior!He would of liked that.Regards
  9. Yet another potentially explosive situation SDSR didn't see coming (on top of Tunisia, Egypt, Bahrain, Syria, Algeria, Iraq, Jordan, Morocco, Oman, Kuwait, Lebanon, Mauritania, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Western Sahara and of course Libya):
  10. RFA Fort Austin.....and the self defence armanent is what?
  11. Matched to the threat?
  12. We ( HMS Victorious handed over to HMS Hermes after our 12 month Far East commission) off Aden in May of that year 67 .Before getting caught up in the Suez Conflict, on our way home . The Royal Yacht was involved in the 86 Evacuation, from Yemen Aden Evacuation 1986 Ships V/Victorious Hermes off Aden 1967
    Last edited: Jun 8, 2011
  13. I was there on the Vic in 61/62,Aden wasn't that bad,pretty poor run ashore though at times.
    Every flip flop seller wasn't good humoured if you said no,they seem to want to stab the shit out of you.
    One of the very few places in my time I would not want to return to,Karachi was the main one,now that was a shithole run ashore.
    no drinks unless you went to a USA club.
    I went ashore at and was back first night at,and that wasn't me!total arse hole of a place.
    I'm going to try and make the Vic reunion this year problem is I can't remember which seamans mess I was in for two years!
    Port side just abaft the PTI's store where we played Shoot a lot if any knows.
    Fifty some thing or other rings a slight memeory.
  14. Totally agree, was there in '94.
  15. Me too '87 - Don't think my mum ever knew half the truth on how much sh1t I had to go through to get her a leather jacket
  16. Thats a shame Istambul had thousands of them in the market....but do keep away from the "chains":notworthy:

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