Now that we have increased,and will increase even more of our Aid to Yemen,the FO has said it's not safe to travel to that country,coupled with Afghanistan where you can't go either and is also is getting massive Aid funds,don't people find this just a bit ironic?
We give shed loads of cash we can't afford to countries we can't travel in so how can we see if it's properly spent.
Broon was bad enough,if someone in Africa had the Flu he donated millions to ease his conscience,this lot are just as bad.IMO
As I understand it there is a substantial al Qaeda presence in Yemen I expect the money is not to help those in abject poverty but to support the government forces.
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Sounds about right to me,but how many government forces are allied the same way they are in Afghanistan?it sounds to murky to me for us to pour hundreds of millions into the place.
I'm a bit narrow sighted but Aid is meant for poverty relief not preventing terrorist threats,Militaries are supposed to do that,Oh! I forgot we don't have much at the moment.
Know what you mean though.
Aid is intended to help the local population overcome whatever hardships they happen to be facing at the time - the very hardships that foment environments that can be exploited by political, religious or other extremist groups.

As far as I am concerned a few million spent NOW on improving conditions is far preferable to many millions spent later trying to recover from the mess. Never any guarantees, a bit like betting on the gee gees but some you win!
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