Yellow peril

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by hobbit, Jul 12, 2007.

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  1. i saw it on the news yesterday that the minister in charge had been sentenced to death
  2. WOW maybe he'll end up canned pet food . Shouldn't say that but this food business is serious it appears .

  3. I suppose that with a population of 1,250,000 they can afford to let it drop to 1,249,728 now and again.

    Next time in Gerrard St, W1, I will certainly think carefully about what I buy in the Chinese Supermarkets (isn't one called Fuk Mee?) I wonder how safe my Chinese made trolley jack is.

    The choges don't sod about with prolonged trials and endless appeals do they.
  4. Can't afford to - to many mouths to feed - oh!
  5. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    Re the name of that supermarket ...

    1. I landed for a banyan on an island off Singapore once and near the landing place was a small Chinese-type pavilion. It had a little formal plaque inside reading, in English, 'Erected by Lye Kee Fuk'.

    2. There was an undertaker in Johore called 'Go Soon'.
  6. Err! There's more than one and a quarter million in Manchester. :confused:
  7. wardmaster. Bugger! well spotted. I was so determined not to use American type billions, I lost 3 zeros.
  8. On the local news here tonight, Bejing hawker stalls have been selling Steamed dumplings made with pork and....

    ....cardboard! The cardboard is soaked in water, then softened up with caustic soda to make it pliable enough to fill the dumpling with and save on the quantity of pork!

    Yummy! They have since been arrested - probably a bit of lead poisioning is due to the back of the neck. The Minister found guilty has already been offed!

  9. Now your talking, Yellow Peril, Shit on a Raft, Babies Heads, the old grid is watering at the very thought of them.
  10. My mate works in a sewage plant in the UK they have a Chinese engineer over studying the set up. His name is WHO FLUNG DUNG

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