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I'm considering applying for the medical officer cadetship soon however have one query! I am set on the idea of taking a year out after I graduate to go backpacking (a late gap year if you wish), is this at all feasible on the cadetship scheme or not?



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My guess, is you need to sort out your priorities, back packing or MO, one you can do the other until accepted you will not know.
I have no idea how long the recruitment process is to MO?
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It maybe worth talking to the medical specialist recruiters to see if they're happy granting a year's unpaid leave after investing £60K+ in your education without a return.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained and all that, but so far as I'm aware, the sun doesn't shine anymore than Joe Average when it comes to payback.

I am aware that RN Medics can get overseas placements after registration but gap years, I honestly don't know.

Let us know what they say - I'm in need of a good rant. ;)