Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by USMC1775, Mar 7, 2007.

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  1. I Joined up last week. I was tipped off by a stunning young college co-ed in England. I Just wanted to say thanks for your hospitality and acccepting me on your website. If your ever in the US look me up.

    I'm a yank even in the US since I'm from and live in the north. So I'm one of those damned Yankees from Detroit.

    Cheers and hope to see ya in the chat room.
  2. Welcome Jarhead !!
  3. i take it you are in the USMC?
  4. Hello mate, welcome to the site.
    Keep your head down if you get sent foreign ;)
  5. Thanks Mate good to know your on your way. without the Royal Marines I think we would just be dead, plain dead!

  6. In Louisiana they reckon that the difference between a Yank and a Damn Yank is that a Yank only visits for the weekend :lol:


  7. And they won't be able to leave with out at least a traffic ticket!
  8. LOL Thanks for that I need a good laugh about now...
  9. I remember my old Social Studies teacher in New Orleans doing a fantastic fire and brimstone act when 'yankies' were mentioned, followed up by a rant over what would happen if she met one etc etc

    Good way to pass her class quickly!
  10. Sounds like something from a movie. I was stationed in North Carolina but that's as close to the south as I got besides Marines from the south.

    Thanks for that.
  11. Welcome mate
    We spoke in the chatroom last week where we were sussing you out. Glad to see another leatherneck on the site to get another perspective.

  12. Thanks Mate,
    I love that chat room. My English is not quite the same and almost like a foreign language. But there is a lot that I understand and plan to visit the chat room regularly. Good cultural exchange from a Marines perspective.


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