Yank bird lives up to stereotype


War Hero
What?.......like....which is bigger, peanut. elephant or the moon???

Buzz...Stripey_G,..reading the Beano...

Is it the Peanut??

Wrong!!..... :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin:
dondon said:
Thick as pig shit or what , could'nt make it up , :???:

She could always be an astronaut. I heard NASA's looking for a new one. I imagine stupid would be preferable to stark-raving bonkers.

BTW, dondon, I got a SPAM e-mail today from a webcam girl, that turned out to be the booty in your avatar. Same pics and all.
The Rev.Moon is definately smaller than an elephant. The G-Spot Elephant is definately smaller than the Rev.Moon. It's all a matter of definition! :wink: :twisted:
We all know the moon is made of green cheese so therefore we have mice on the moon who are happy chomping away. We are told light from the stars take zillions of years to get here and so therefore are no longer there. Same as the moon it is no longer there it has been eaten.

So an efelhant is bigger.




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Was she wrong though? Who's been to the moon and found out, not many and they's all yanks, so would'nt tell anybody the truth anyway. It'll be locked away in a nuclear bunker for the next 2000 years. Maybe the elephant in Higs garden is the biggest after all :?: :?: :?: :cool: