Lantern Swinger
I remain unconvinced it's not....;)
Me too - it’s surprising how many ”world leaders” will sign agreements when they’ve been schmoozed and boozed by a bit of gold lace and a prince or two - I saw quite a bit of the old RY and it was always an impressive sight and I’m pretty sure it was good value for money in its day
I’d sooner spend the money on a yacht than waste it on dross.... housing benefit is currently £22bn p/y, I dare say some deserve the help but loads don’t, a new yacht will be a mere drop in the ocean compared to how taxpayers money is wasted elsewhere....

I must admit though if it is to be used to grease deals with Arabs like HMY did a lot of then Prince Andrew can stand down as from the UK ‘ambassadorial’ role he once had
Theres a good idea. House the great unwashed aboard it, when its not being used by the Royal Family....

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