Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Nutty, Jul 7, 2008.

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  1. Found in todays Times. Thank feck I was a Submariner, who would want to do this as a full time draft.

    Royal Yacht

  2. My God !! 'The select few chosen to serve' I think I am going to spew up, more like a crew of Mr Browns and how any self respecting matelot would have wished to serve on that floating gin palace escapes me.
  3. I don't think either you or I would have been invited, though at the end of the day it is a routine like any other. I did meet several ratings who served on the Yacht and they had all enjoyed it.
  4. silverfox

    silverfox War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    I have a question. I am intrigued to know how you managed to reconcile your virulent hatred of all things royal with your entirely voluntary decision to serve in the armed forces of which the monarch is the head, thereby being part of the very system you profess to despise.

    Not even you would be so stupid as to try the 'change the system from within line' which to the casual observer would only leave rank hypocrisy as the answer.....

    Enlighten us.
  5. I must admit I did service with one or two republicans even in the wardroom, they were quite happy that their service was in reality for their country. They however did not like some translate their republicanism from a political desire into a personal hatred of certain people. In many respects the Royal Family are the victims in this as much as any one else. I mean really would you like to be minor royalty, I certainly wouldn't.
  6. Found in todays Times. Thank feck I was a Submariner, who would want to do this as a full time draft.
    Royal Yacht

    Those that had volunteered, passed the Royal Yacht Interview and then been invited to join the Royal Yacht Service, I to met a few yachties over the Years like all jobs/drafts it had its good and bad points. From the yachties they were happy to put up with some of the routines on board has it got them some decent Runs-Ashore and no Thursday wars! Having also worked with the Submarine Service I can only say 'sod that for a game of sailors thank god I was a Skimmer all my naval life'. Having seen some of the Routines my counterparts on Submarines ere working!!!!!!
  7. Silver Fox

    Re-arrange the list below which is my order of preference as to why I joined and served, to the best of my ability, in the Royal Navy.

    You place them into your preferred order.

    1. It was a job that I wanted to do since the age of ten. (Seaman RN)
    2. My RN Oppo's and shipmates
    3. The Ship/Submarine I was serving on.
    4. My Branch, Seaman Radar Plot
    5. The White Ensign which represented all the men that had served before me in the Royal Navy
    6. Family and Friends
    7. Citizens of the United Kingdom and Commonwealth
    8. The Admiralty
    9. The Government
    10. The Royal Family

    I possibly stray just over the line into being a republican provided the alternative we were offered was a Non-Politician, elected by general mandate for a single 5 year period. The total opposite to that offered to the good citizens of Australia who rejected their politicians version of a Republic, not with standing that the greater majority are in favour of a Republic.

  8. silverfox

    silverfox War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    are you Fink in disguise? My remarks were not addressed to you.....
  9. Contributor Mode

    Silver Fox

    It is an open forum and they are addressed to all who read it.

    These remarks are addressed to you and all that read it. Where do you, Silver Fox, stand as I asked in my last posting.


  10. Are you the Queen in disguise?
  11. As far as I am aware SF is not a Queen :thumright:
  12. silverfox

    silverfox War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    The list of those who could testify as to the veracity of that is long if not always distinguished....
  13. I love it , 'Invited to join the Royal Yacht Service'. =)
  14. silverfox

    silverfox War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Actually they were specifically directed to one person, however I respect your right to join in - I could have gone down the PM route but I thought outhers might have been interested in the reply.

    Where do I stand? Loyalty wise - I would think no different to most

    Country - in which absolute loyalty to Monarch is implicit.
    Service - again loyalty to head of AF is implicit
    Other services

    Why did I join - it's in the blood.....
  15. My claim to fame in regards to the Royal Yacht is that my oppo and I were invited to leave as our oily steaming bats were soiling the deck.
    We went onboard to see if we could swap some films before sailing on patrol.

    Stuck up sods!
  16. I would not suggest that loyalty to country makes loyalty to a monarch implicit. Loyalty to the legally constituted head of state, yes. As a democratic country the people have the right to chose their method of governance, true sovereignty reigns with them. Now as at present the people have not changed from having a monarchy then yes ones loyalty is by default to the monarch.

    One should read the Declaration of Arbroath which is one of the first instances of a monarch accepting that he can be deposed if he fails to defend his realm.

    I must admnit that if we ever did go down the republican route my choice would be for the Irish version where they elect a respected person as president rather than a polititian, rather than the US/Frog system of electing a king.
  17. silverfox

    silverfox War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Your points about loyalty are fair enough

    I was merely referring to myself
  18. I'll have it known that the Jossman once invited me to attend the Captains Table. The captain liked me so much that he gave me a warrant. leading reg even took my cap off for me while it was read out. :thumright:
  19. It's quite amazing how kind some people can be.
  20. Was that followed by a cake and arse party on the focsle in your honour?

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