Yacht requisitioned by RN during WW2

Discussion in 'History' started by hanning, Oct 30, 2006.

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  1. I am seeking information on a motor yacht that was requisitioned by the Navy during WWII. Ideally I would like a photograph of her and to correspond with anyone who was aboard in June 1941.

    This is all the information I have on her:
    Name: Saynora (spelling could be a variation on this)
    Tonnage: around 800 tons
    Captain's Name: in June 1941 was Cmdr. Harry Hamilton (I believe he had an orchard in Kent)
    Area of operation: 21st June 1941 was known to be operating close to Gibralter.

    This was a luxury yacht. The owner's stateroom was large and had a green marble bathroom.

    Any help would be welcome.
  2. I would try Lloyds Shipping register,a vessel of that size should have been on their books somewhere.Of course the name needs to be correct.it may have been the Sayonara.The MOD might have some info somewhere,if it were requisitioned then a recipet or other paperwork would have been raised unless it was on Spec Ops.You could also try the IWM.
  3. The name is ringing bells, dont know why though.

  4. SAYONARA 762tons built 1911 Auxiliary Boarding Vessel[armed yacht]
    Pennant number 4.72
    Sold 1946 to commerce.
    Should get you started --Imp war museum may have a photo of her.
  5. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Greenie, you little ship spotter you
  6. Ship spotter or not Greenie I'm grateful for the lead.
  7. Got the old grey cells moving at last and seem to remember talk about the yacht in use 1970/71 at the G spot was ex German from WWII and used by some high up . Can anyone else come up with any more?
  8. I ve searched the IWM online database and nothing has come up,however you may fare better by writing them a letter.

  9. Just had another look in my very expensive book on WW2 warships

    Previous names for SAYONARA were' VANDUARA 'and before that' UL'

    It was built in Scotland by Ramage and Ferguson of Leith

    Happy hunting!!
  10. Details of the yacht are gradually emerging thank you - no photo to date but am trying to source through archives of Hapsburg and Drexel families.

    Lloyd's Register of Yachts records following details:
    The vessel was originally named UL, constructed in 1911 by Ramage and Ferguson Ltd. of Leith, she had a gross tonnage of 854.43, length 185’, breadth 29’, draught 16’ and her original registered owner was H.I.H. the Archduke Charles Stephen of Austria (1860-1933). The yacht was removed from Lloyd’s Register of Yachts after 1915 but re-installed in 1927 under the name VANDUARA and her owner was R.G. Fothergill of Buenos Aires but her port of registry was Dover. In 1930 her ownership changed to Anthony J Drexel of Paris, who re-registered the vessel in Philadelphia, USA and renamed her SAYONARA. In 1935 she was sold to Major Ralph S Grigg of London and re-registered in Southampton. In 1939 she was acquired by the Admiralty for use as an armed boarding vessel (ABV) and they eventually purchased her in 1941. After the war she was laid up and then sold in 1946 to J Bruce Kellock of Southampton who renamed her BARCAROLLE. In 1948 the owner was recorded as D. H. C. Wright of Bournemouth, Hants. At this point she disappears from the Register of Yachts. She served as an ABV under pennant number 4.72.
  11. My father sailed on the Barcarolle as chief engineer from 1946 to 1947, until she was sold to W.C Wright. I understand that soon after she was distroyed by a fire. PS I have a photo of her saling into Southampton.
  12. Thanks for this. I have got photo from Beken of Cowes of her pre-war. In your photo is she still armed?
    I'd love to see the photo - can you e-mail that to me please? [email protected]

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