Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by SuzukiLover, Jan 25, 2008.

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  1. Howdy people!

    Basically i'm hoping somebody onboard this forum can give a few answers to my questions! would be greatly appreciated! hehe

    Basically i'm hoping to get in the aircraft technician side of things! I have my exam date which came through today!

    Now my mechanical reasoning isn't the best to say the least! lol
    Baught two books, the pychometic tests £20 for two!!! woundeddddddddd! j/k!

    Anyways, say i didnt really do well in the mechanical side of things but did a touch better on the maths/verbal reasoning etc etc etc etc ... :p lol would i still beable to get in!?

    Can somebody tell me how the test works? is it all added up then put in to apercentage?

    Quite nervous! but gunna try and nail it in to the books!

    Also while i'm here i'll try and pick some more brains out of you guys if can help! hows the pass grade to get in to the mine clearance diver? and is that quite a long waiting period to get into?

    Any help be great!

  2. You certainly are an excitable young fellow.

    I recommend joining the sun dodgers - they will suck the fun straight outta ye!
  3. Sun dodgers!!! is that referring to the submariners? hehehe :p
  4. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator


    The Recruiting Test is 4 sections of 30 multiple choice questions. You are not negatively marked & it is not converted to percentage, simply the number correct in each section added as a total. All this information is in the practice test booklet sent with your appointment to sit the Recruiting Test.

    For the Literacy & Numeracy sections you must get a minimum of 1/3rd correct in each section or you fail for all trades. Your part score needs to be ideally over 2/3rds correct in each section for Air Engineering Technician. For Diver you need to get around 1/2 correct throughout.

    Divers need to pass the Pre-entry Diving Acquaint course in addition to the usual elements of the selection process. On average they take 6 to 9 months to join after passing the recruiting test.
  5. Sun Dodgers are the elite. Should they permit you to even apply to join the Silent Service, you will be very special indeed.
  6. hahaha, i guess i'll have to buy the beers then!!!! Sambuka anyone??? :p :p *must remember to put the flame out in time and not to burn lips/throat**

    Oh and bacon and egg barms yummmm and some juicy sirlion steak :D

    well done though or its ruined!!

    /rant over and out >> :p
  7. That is such a good saying sun dodger joins the realms of
    Dope on a rope
    Bubble Head
    Air head
    Plastic spastic

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