Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by seafarer1939, May 15, 2010.

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  1. The wife came in yesterday from shopping and had bought me 10 pairs of M&S Y- Fronts[in various colours!but no brown!] as apart from my usual boxers and a dozen thongs![OK! maybe no thongs] so.

    1.Is this the end of our sex life?
    2.Is she frightened after all these years that the baby mammoth will still pop out in bed, looking for action and food?
    3.Is she fed up of the constant wet patch that appears on the trousers front whenever we dine out, after a bog visit?
    4.Does she think they are better for muffling blow backs to any degree?
    5.Does she want me to look a bit like Ashley Cole in that famous picture?
    6.Does she think that a belly hanging over boxers is worse than a belly hanging over Y-Fronts?
    7.There's no better feeling than going to sleep just after slapping it on her leg,seems that's out.
    8.Are Y-Fronts more skid resistant ?

    I post some irrelevant crap don't I?

    PS. If you are left handed do you have to turn the Y-Fronts inside out to use?
  2. That one's a real thinker. Perhaps you've just made your own Dragons Den pitch.
  3. This is a BIG pet hate between my best friend and I. Under no circumstances should any male wear boxing shorts/boxers, what ever you may call them, they're ugly! Stick with the piss stained Y-Fronts, it's the way forward.
  4. Well on the second day of use, after they have been turned inside out for hygeines sake, it's all good
  5. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Are you saying that piss stained undercrackers are a turn on? If so, fancy going out for a drink sometime?
  6. :roll: :roll: MAAM!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sorry, Scouse, deleting it.
  7. Lets go then pissy pants!

    Thanks for that Sol :D
  8. I've always worn Y's. Can't be doing with the trouser snake flopping all over the gaff when I'm on walkabout.
  9. Sorry, no Y fronts.
    After seeing that homosexual welsh MP, Chris Bryant I think, posting an "artistic" pose of himself in his Y fronts in front of a mirror on the internet while touting for some rough trade....sorry, but it was just so wrong.
  10. Thats you sorted for the next decade then :wink:

    PS Some laundry advice here:

  11. Your right breather I throw them against the wall and if they don't stick, they are good for another few days.

    Now the tale of the missing Y-Fronts!!

    Last visit to hospital for an operation the Doc said It's ok to leave my shorts on[if not the operating room nurses leave a lot of lipstick on the nudger! { I wish!]
    After the op I woke up with no boxers on,I asked the gay hospital porter "where are my shreddies?" he gave a small smile and passed me more grapes.
    Could it be that I have been "Reamed in Recovery?"
    As a ring virgin I would take great offence at that.
  12. Forget taking 'great offence', that meat injection seems to have done you a power of good!

    Re- Your missing dunghampers; he probably left 'em in the microwave.
  13. busmans holiday Bob. :D
  15. I'm a Lonsdale trunks man myself. :pottytrain2:
  16. Why don't they manufacture Y-fronts with a clever "skid-mark"
    design on them as standard eh? This would disguise the actual
    bona fide accidental incidents of friendly farts that contain a
    small amount of "seepage", and a rectangular patch of latex, held in
    place at the front on the inside with velcro would also be helpful
    to sort out the problem of negligent discharges. Easy to wipe
    and simple to re-attach.

    Women get stuff they can weld inside their nickers when they're
    draining the sump....why can't we have something similar?

    Until someone invents something to alleviate my problems, I shall
    continue to wrap my arse in clingfilm.

    * * * * * *
  17. :D :D :D

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