XRD's Big Day

Discussion in 'The Corps' started by soleil, Jul 24, 2009.

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  1. Have a wonderful day tomorrow.

    Very best wishes for the future.
  2. Yeah mate! You sound like one of the good arrseholes, so have a fantastic day and make sure to lube up that ankle of yours, helps the iron cuff go on easier :thumbleft:
  3. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    In time honored RR tradition, I hope your left standing at the alter like a tw*t. :wink:

    Good luck mate! :thumbright:
  4. Good luck XRD :thumbleft:
  5. Its a civil wedding isnt it?
  6. Wot no in laws fighting? :lol:
  7. But which one of the bridesmaids will the best man bonk?

    Have a nice day XRD, hope it p1sses down :lol:
  8. Told you he wasn't married yet, Wrecker :D
  9. I was thinking of the one he keeps in the basement with RJ (my lads still in the cellar so can't use that)
  10. Well played :lol:
  11. All the best, X enjoy your day. Don't worry about the speech, just concentrate on the , 'Forsaking all others' bit and you'll do fine. :lol: :wink:


    Edited for grammar.
  12. Just don't say the wrong name, and you're sorted

    Best of luck
  13. You are dead to me XRD.
  14. Cheer up Decky ! If it's staving off those lonely nights with male company you're after, there's apparently enough Ring Dhobi Kings on RR :D

    Besides. I give him 3 weeks max.Max. 8) He'll be back - panting at your door in a set of the wife's frillies and trainers, flourishing a bottle of plonk. 8) :wink:
  15. Taloolah, just admit it, you want my babies. Don't worry you aren't the first who has said it.
  16. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    I do believe 2 deck just asked for your hand in marriage, Taloolah.
  17. Have a good day X, hope all goes well! :-D
  18. Can't believe I wasnt invited, and to give a speach too. Considering my opening gambit is "Hoy, cnuts, shut up and listen".

    Jack cnut.
  19. Good luck. Hope you and Mrs XRD to be have a lovely day. xx

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