XRD's Big Day

Yeah mate! You sound like one of the good arrseholes, so have a fantastic day and make sure to lube up that ankle of yours, helps the iron cuff go on easier :thumbleft:


Book Reviewer
In time honored RR tradition, I hope your left standing at the alter like a tw*t. :wink:

Good luck mate! :thumbright:
All the best, X enjoy your day. Don't worry about the speech, just concentrate on the , 'Forsaking all others' bit and you'll do fine. :lol: :wink:


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Cheer up Decky ! If it's staving off those lonely nights with male company you're after, there's apparently enough Ring Dhobi Kings on RR :D

Besides. I give him 3 weeks max.Max. 8) He'll be back - panting at your door in a set of the wife's frillies and trainers, flourishing a bottle of plonk. 8) :wink:
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