XH558 Takes to the Skies

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by noemis, Oct 18, 2007.

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  1. I heard her take off today as I sat at my desk in Market Harborough!! Didn't see her, but hopefully will soon as she's due to fly twice more this year!

    See HERE for BBC news story.

    :w00t: :whew: :salut: :dance:
  2. Whoah, I love those old Vulcans, great planes :D

    Saw one at a museum a while back.
  3. fantastic...
  4. saw her (or a version) one at VL airday and shite she was loud. would give my ex a run for her money on reheat.
  5. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    The noise is unbelievable, you can feel your innards vibrate, fantastic work from all those involved, especially the pilot who must have found himself just a bit worried about all the "amateur" voluntary work done to restore the A/C. Still as they say, Amateurs built the Ark, the Titanic was built by professionals.
  6. Awesome stuff, cheers for posting.

    For anyone interested in Vulcans, grab a copy of Vulcan 607 by Rowland White. Its really well written so you wont get bogged down by the technicalities. Its above a Vulcan raid during the Falklands, and the story of how they worked it all is very good.

  7. I only saw one take off - from Culdrose at an Air Day in the '80's absolutly brilliant, BZ to all the engineers/aircrew
  8. Great to see one flying again. We used to live just down the road from Gaydon, where Victors and Vulcans flew from in my earlier days and they were always awesome to watch. Latterly we visited the Leuchars air day in about 1991, where there were aicraft and crews from all over the world. There was an American B something or other on static display, all big, black and menacing, and we saw nothing of her crew until a Vulcan started its flying display, when they all lined up along the wing with their movie cameras for an incredible display of fantastic flying, incredible noise and sheer drama.
  9. I'd love to see one up in the air again!!
  10. If you want a good read then get Vulcan 607

    Majestic things Vulcans
  11. Already read it! Can't believe we only just had enough bombs!
  12. Cant believe the re-fueling plan worked!!

    Anyway lets not blow sunshine up the Crabs Arses, they just got the runway!
  13. Sharkey took the piss didn't he!! :thumright:
  14. He was still flying at Yeovilton till not too long ago
  15. ITN did a news /video clip online --just seen it.

    Superb aircraft easy take off and very gentle landing .

    The work that went into that old machine to get her certified OK for flying
    was worth every penny. Hopefully next year she'll be doing the shows .

    :nemo: :nemo:
  16. I remember them being a lot more smokey on take-off!

  17. The runway was the target. The bombs landed exactly where they should have done.

    I too can recommend the book Vulcan 607. My father, an ex Vulcan engineer, devoured the book in one go!

    As to the sound of Vulcans taking off, it's what I grew up on, allmost addicted to the sound- still.
  18. Crabman yes the plan worked but THEY ONLY JUST got the runway!!!!
  19. Now covered by the MOD!

    See this LINK and this ONE
  20. Saw one at Boscombe Down the last year they displayed.

    An hour or so after the display it had to go home ,taxied on to the runway stopped and wound up the engines untill it SCREAMMED started to roll went up on its arse and away.

    In stead of the wing over of the display it just went up --and up ---and up 45 degrees or so it seemed in a clear blue sky it was visible for ages just going up!!!!!!

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